~Marguerite Clark~

Born: February 22, 1883 in Avondale, Ohio, USA
Died: September 25, 1940 in New York City, New York, USA
~The Los Angeles Times~
June 21, 2010
Marguerite Clark was a winsome heroine of the screen in the silent film days of Mary Pickford and
Lillian Gish.

A native of Cincinnati, she was educated in Brown County Convent and made her first stage
appearance with the Aborn Opera Company in Baltimore. She was among the “darling” stage players
who forsook Broadway for the cinema in the prewar days when films still were a bold experiment.

Thirteen years after her Baltimore theatrical debut, Clark attained fame in Manhattan by playing
simultaneously in “Anatol” with John Barrymore and in “Snow White.”

In 1914 Hollywood beckoned, and Clark accepted an offer from Adolf Zukor’s Famous Players (later
Paramount). In the autumn of that year she appeared in the “Wild Flower,” “The Crucible” and the
1915 film “The Goose Girl.”

Loaned to the Lasky Co., she next embarked on “Gretna Green” (1915), “The Seven Sisters” (1915),
“The Prince and the Pauper” (1915) and “Mice and Men” (1916).

After finishing her last film in 1921, “Scrambled Wives,” Clark retired to private life in New Orleans
as the wife of Harry Palmerson Williams, partner in the famed Wedell-Williams aviation interests
who crashed to his death in 1936. Clark died of pneumonia in 1940.

-Los Angeles Times, 2010
~Silent Filmography~
Scrambled Wives (1921) .... Miss Mary Lucille Smith
Easy to Get (1920) .... Molly Morehouse
All of a Sudden Peggy (1920) .... Peggy O'Hara

A Girl Named Mary (1919) .... Mary Healey ... Movie Still Code: M57-X
Luck in Pawn (1919) .... Annabel Lee
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Girls (1919) .... Pamela Gordon
Come Out of the Kitchen (1919) .... Claudia Daingerfield
Let's Elope (1919) .... Eloise Farrington
Three Men and a Girl (1919) .... Sylvia Weston
Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch (1919) .... Lovey Mary
Little Miss Hoover (1918) .... Ann Craddock
The Biggest and the Littlest Lady in the World (1918) .... The Little Lady
Out of a Clear Sky (1918) .... Countess Celeste de Bersek et Krymm
Uncle Tom's Cabin (1918) .... Little Eva St. Clair / Topsy
Prunella (1918) .... Prunella
Rich Man, Poor Man (1918) .... Betty Wynne
The Seven Swans (1917) .... Princess Tweedledee
Bab's Matinee Idol (1917) .... Bab Archibald
Bab's Burglar (1917) .... Bab Archibald
Bab's Diary (1917) .... Bab Archibald
The Amazons (1917) .... Lord Tommy
The Valentine Girl (1917) .... Marion Morgan
The Fortunes of Fifi (1917) .... Fifi
Snow White (1916/I) .... Snow White
Miss George Washington (1916) .... Bernice Somers
Little Lady Eileen (1916) .... Eileen Kavanaugh
Silks and Satins (1916) .... Felicite
Molly Make-Believe (1916) .... Molly
Out of the Drifts (1916) .... Elise
Mice and Men (1916) .... Peggy
The Prince and the Pauper (1915) .... Prince Edward / Tom Canty
Still Waters (1915) .... Nesta
Helene of the North (1915) .... Helene Dearing
The Seven Sisters (1915) .... Mici
The Pretty Sister of Jose (1915) .... Pepita
Gretna Green (1915) .... Dolly Erskine
The Goose Girl (1915) .... Gretchen
The Crucible (1914/I) .... Jean
Wildflower (1914/I) .... Letty Roberts