~584-178: Charlotte Bird & Dolores Costello~

Alice Joyce ...  Selene Herrick
Warner Baxter ...  John Herrick
Dolores Costello ...  Joan Herrick
Zasu Pitts ...  Annie Pogani
Walter Pidgeon ...  Martin Innesbrook
Freeman Wood ...  Terry Allen
Charlotte Bird ...  Toto (as Charlot Bird)
Marcia Mae Jones  
Directed by: James Cruze

Written by:
Frances Agnew - writer
Walter Woods - adaptation

Based on the novel Mannequin by Fannie Hurst (New York, 1926).
Annie Pogani, a dull-witted nursemaid who loves children, steals a baby girl from Selene Herrick, a
wealthy woman who cares more for auctions than for family life. The girl, known as Orchid, is reared
by Annie in an East Side tenement; when Annie dies, Orchid finds work as a model in a fashionable
shop, where she meets Martin Innesbrook, a reporter who is making his reputation by writing
editorials against the practice of acquitting female criminals just because they are women. During a
fight with Terry Allen, a low fellow more used to taking than to asking, Terry is inadvertently
impaled on Orchid's brooch. She is brought to trial for murder and, after a difficult trial, found
innocent. Her true identity is finally discovered, and she is reunited with her father, who was the
judge at her trial. She and Martin look forward to walking the road of life together.  

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~Plot Synopsis~
~584-142: Warner Baxter & Alice Joyce~
~584-2/7: Alice Joyce & Warner Baxter~
~584-65: Warner Baxter, Alice Joyce & ZaSu Pitts~
~584-75: Warner Baxter & Alice Joyce~
~835-216: Dolores Del Rio & Walter Pidgeon~
~835-270: Alice Joyce, Dolores Costello & Walter Pidgeon~
~835-269: Dolores Costello & Alice Joyce~
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Paramount Pictures

Producer: James Cruze
Cinematography by: Karl Brown
Presenter: Jesse L. Lasky
Presenter: Adolph Zukor

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Released: January 11, 1926