~Maggie Pepper~
~L269-38: Elliott Dexter & Ethel Clayton~
~Plot Synopsis~
This comedy-drama was adapted from the play by Charles Klein. Maggie Pepper (Ethel Clayton) is an
outspoken young salesclerk who is taking care of her sister-in-law's child Claire (Edna Mae Wilson)
while she is serving time for shoplifting. Maggie has just turned down a marriage proposal from
salesman Jake Rothschild (Raymond Hatton) when she meets Joe Holbrook (Elliott Dexter), the
store's owner. She mistakes Holbrook for a man looking for a job and tells him to stay away from the
company. Instead of being angry, Holbrook admires her spirit and realizes she actually has some
good ideas. Joe then reveals his identity, hires her as his assistant, and the implementation of her
ideas soon makes the store prosper. Although he is engaged to another girl, he begins to see that
Maggie is the better choice. The sister-in-law Ada (Winifred Greenwood) gets out of jail she marries
Sam Darkin (Tully Marshall), they take Claire and teach her to be a pickpocket. After Ada and Claire
are apprehended in Joe's store, Ada is imprisoned, while Maggie gets Claire back. When Joe's fiancée
breaks their engagement upon seeing his interest in Maggie, Maggie leaves, and to protect Claire
from Darkin, decides to move to Pittsburgh. After Joe is wounded helping Maggie prevent Darkin
from kidnapping Claire, he pretends to be seriously hurt so that she will nurse him overnight. The
next day, Joe demands that she marry him, and she consents.

Plot Synopsis is a combination of Plot Synopsis' from allmovie.com & afi.com
Directed by: Chester Withey    

Written by: Gardner Hunting

Based on the play Maggie Pepper by Charles Klein (New York, 13 Aug

Ethel Clayton ...  Maggie Pepper
Elliott Dexter ...  Joe Holbrook
Winifred Greenwood ...  Ada Darkin
Tully Marshall ...  Sam Darkin
Edna Mae Wilson ...  Claire Darkin
Raymond Hatton ...  Jake Rothschild
Marcia Manon ...  Alice Keane
Clyde Benson ...  John Hargen
William Elmer ...  Dud Corey
Bud Duncan ...  Delivery Boy
Clarence Geldart ...  Detective
Fay Holderness ...  Mrs. Thatcher
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Famous Players-Lasky Corporation

Cinematography by: David Abel    
Assistant Director: Louis Howland
Presenter: Jesse L. Lasky

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: February 23, 1919