~Mae Murray~

Born: May 10, 1889 in Portsmouth, Virginia, USA
Died: March 23, 1965 in Woodland Hills, California, USA
~Silent Filmography~
Mae Murray and Keefe Brasselle meet during an
evening at Ciro's in Hollywood. A native Virginian,
Mae entered films via Broadway and will be
remembered for her title role in "The Merry

LOS ANGELES, CALIF:--Mae Murray, above, is shown in court where she is seeking $1,000 a
month from her former mate, Prince David Mdivani, seated background, to support their child,
who is in custody of "strangers" at a farm-home near Albany, N.Y. The Prince charged from the
witness stand that Miss Murray did not ask for money for their son, Koran David Mdivani, 13, but
for herself.
~LOS ANGELES, CALIF:--Mae Murray waiting in
court. - And all because the Superior Court was too
busy to try her suit to collect a $20,000 promisary
note, bought by the Security First National Bank. The
note in question was given by Miss Murray in part
payment for a house to Jack Donovan, known as the
"house that Jack built". Miss Murray claimed the
house was sold to her under false presentation.~
~February 28, 1940~
~July 3, 1931~
~April 16, 1954~
~March 23, 1965~
Murray, a symbol of the glittering era of the silent movies, died today
in Hollywood at the Motion Picture Company House and Hospital. Once
one of the highest paid stars in the silent era, she lived high and
became penniless. Her most recent photo (left) during an interview in
1964, Photo (right) an MGM studio publicity shot shows her in 1926
when she was appearing in a version of "The Merry Widow." AP
~February 22, 1964~
~MAE MURRAY IN 1930--This is how actress Mae
Murray looked in 1930. A Woman who was
identified by Salvation Army officials and police as
silent film star Mae Murray is staying at a Salvation
Army shelter in West St. Louis. Police said they
found her wandering West St. Louis streets
yesterday and that they confirmed her identity
through checks with theatrical agencies in Los
Angeles and New York.~
~Los Angeles Times~
March 24, 1965
Mae Murray made millions playing the vamp opposite such silent film noblemen as John
Gilbert and Rudolph Valentino.

The talkies ended her career, but she always considered herself a star. After one of many
attempted comebacks, she philosophized: "You don't have to keep making movies to remain a
star. Once you become a star, you are always a star."

And when she was at her zenith, in the 1920s, the cinematic firmament knew none brighter.
She was the symbol of the era — frivolous, spendthrift and beautiful.

"The girl with the bee-stung lips and the butterfly gestures" was the way studio publicists
described her.

She was a top attraction in Ziegfeld's 1908, 1909 and 1915 shows. Then came the movies and
instant film stardom.

The pictures she made were hardly memorable, but light-hearted productions which were the
fancy of the times — "The Dance," "Gilded Lily," "The Right to Love," "Peacock Alley,"
"Fascination," "Broadway Mania" and "Fashion Row."

At her peak, Murray made as much as $2,000 a week and lived in mansions where she
entertained like an empress.

But the talkies spelled doom for her career, as they did for many other silent film greats. Her
income dwindled. She tried intermittent comebacks, but none succeeded.

In the 1950s she wrote her memoir, "The Self-Enchanted." She hoped a movie would be made
of it and she would regain some of her fortune.

— Jerry Cohen in the Los Angeles Times March 24, 1965
Altars of Desire (1927) .... Claire Sutherland
Valencia (1926) .... Valencia
... aka The Love Song
The Masked Bride (1925) .... Gaby
The Merry Widow (1925) .... Sally O'Hara
Circe, the Enchantress (1924) .... Circe (mythical goddess) / Cecilie Brunne
... aka Circe
Mademoiselle Midnight (1924) .... Renée de Gontran/Renée de Quiros
Fashion Row (1923) .... Olga Farinova/Zita (her younger sister)
The French Doll (1923) .... Georgine Mazulier
Jazzmania (1923) .... Ninon
Broadway Rose (1922) .... Rosalie Lawrence
Fascination (1922) .... Dolores de Lisa
Peacock Alley (1922) .... Cleo of Paris
The Gilded Lily (1921) .... Lillian Drake
Idols of Clay (1920) .... Faith Merrill
The Right to Love (1920) .... Lady Falkland
On with the Dance (1920) .... Sonia

The ABC of Love (1919) .... Kate
Big Little Person (1919) .... Arathea Manning
What Am I Bid? (1919) .... Betty Yarnell
... aka Girl for Sale (USA)
The Delicious Little Devil (1919) .... Mary McGuire
The Twin Pawns (1919) .... Daisy/Violet White
... aka The Curse of Greed (USA)
The Scarlet Shadow (1919) .... Elena Evans
Danger, Go Slow (1918) .... Mugsy Mulane
The Taming of Kaiser Bull (1918) .... Miss America
Modern Love (1918) .... Della Arnold
Her Body in Bond (1918) .... Peggy Blondin
... aka The Heart of an Actress (UK)
The Bride's Awakening (1918) .... Elaine Bronson
United States Fourth Liberty Loan Drive (Short) ... Herself
Face Value (1917) .... Joan Darby
Princess Virtue (1917) .... Lianne Demarest
At First Sight (1917) .... Justina
The Primrose Ring (1917) .... Margaret MacLean
A Mormon Maid (1917) .... Dora
On Record (1917) .... Helen Wayne
The Plow Girl (1916) .... Margot
The Big Sister (1916) .... Betty Norton
The Dream Girl (1916) .... Meg Dugan
Sweet Kitty Bellairs (1916) .... Kitty Bellairs
To Have and to Hold (1916) .... Lady Jocelyn