~Mad Love~
aka Sappho

Pola Negri ...  Sappho
Johannes Riemann ...  Richard de la Croix
Alfred Abel ...  Georg de la Croix
Albert Steinrück ...  Andreas
Helga Molander ...  Maria Garden, Roichards Braut
Otto Treptow ...  Teddy
Elsa Wagner ...  Richards Mutter
Ellinor Gynt ...  Tänzerin
~Billboard for The
California Theater in Los
Angeles, California in 1921~
~Promotional Photograph from The California Theater to
promote the screening of "Mad Love," in 1921~
~Plot Synopsis~
This melodrama was the last German-made film starring Pola Negri to be released in the United
States. By the time it came out, Negri was already at Paramount and creating headlines over her
romance with comedian Charles Chaplin. Her first American-made film, Bella Donna, would be out
only a few weeks after this picture hit the theaters. The vampy Liane (Negri) has driven Andreas
insane -- literally -- and he is consigned to a sanitarium. His brother Chabot comes to Paris and
denounces the wrong woman, but Liane overhears his tirade and, intrigued, decides to make a play
for him. He falls for her, and the couple head for a seaside resort; however, they are followed by one
of Liane's ex-lovers, the millionaire Bertink, who tells Chabot that she is the one who ruined his
brother. Chabot leaves Liane, but then Andreas escapes from the sanitarium and goes looking for
her, and Chabot decides to do the same. They both find her at a carnival ball, where Andreas
strangles her to death.

Plot Synopsis by Janiss Garza
Directed by: Dimitri Buchowetzki

Written by:
Dimitri Buchowetzki - writer
Alexandre Dumas père - story
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Projektions-AG Union (PAGU)

Distribution Company: Universum Film (UFA)

Cinematography by: Arpad Viragh
Art Direction by: Robert Neppach
Presenter: Samuel Goldwyn

Runtime: 82 Minutes
Released: January 2, 1922