~Mademoiselle Modiste~
~2-17: Corinne Griffith~
~Plot Synopsis~
Hiram Bent, a St. Louis hat dealer, goes to Paris with his conservative, prudish wife. At a fashion
show, Madame Claire fails to interest them and sends for Fifi, a particularly successful model and
saleswoman who makes a large sale and wins Hiram's admiration. While delivering a hat to the
fiancée of Étienne Du Beauvray, Fifi complains to an officer (actually Étienne) about his horse
destroying the hat; so Fifi is forced to improvise a hat for Marianne. Later, Étienne meets Fifi at the
salon, and a romance develops. Impressed by her sales ability, Bent buys out Madame Claire and
establishes Fifi as "Mademoiselle Modiste." Étienne, suspicious of ent's activities, challenges him to
a duel, but the misunderstanding is soon cleared up and Fifi is happily united with Étienne.  

Plot Synopsis from afi.com
Directed by: Robert Z. Leonard

Written by:
Adelaide Heilbron - adaptation
Ralph Spence - titles

Based on the novel Mademoiselle Modiste, a Comic Opera by Henry
Martyn Blossom, Victor Herbert (New York, 1905).

Corinne Griffith ...Fifi
Norman Kerry ...Etienne
Willard Louis ...Hiram Bent
Rose Dione ...Madame Claire
Peggy Blake ...Undetermined Role (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Corinne Griffith Productions

Distribution Company: First National Pictures

Executive Producer: Corinne Griffith
Cinematography by: George Barnes
Film Editing by: Cyril Gardner
Art Direction by: John Hughes
Production Manager: Scott R. Beal

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Released: March 21, 1926