~Lucille Love, The Girl of Mystery~
~Plot Synopsis~
Begun as yet another two-reel Western, Universal's Lucille Love, Girl of Mystery was so promising
that the studio stretched it into 15 chapters. The resulting serial, Universal's first, became a serious
rival for Pearl White's inferior but better remembered The Perils of Pauline (1914), and created genre
stars of Grace Cunard and Francis Ford. The latter, who also directed, was reportedly doubled in
some scenes by his younger brother John, but fame and fortune came with a price. Accident prone,
Lucille Love, Girl of Mystery almost cost the life of supporting actor Ernest Shields, who was badly
injured by falling some 20 feet onto a ledge of rocks during an airstrip scene, and Grace Cunard
suffered a broken arm in yet another fall. The serial is the old story of a longstanding feud between
Hugo (Ford) and Sumpter Love (Edgar Keller), the former accusing the latter of not only stealing his
girlfriend (Jean Hathaway), but also causing his ouster from West Point. Years later, Hugo, now an
international spy, attempts to avenge himself on Lucille Love (Cunard), Sumpter's daughter, whose
boyfriend he accuses of stealing confidential defense plans. The two combatants spend the remaining
14 chapters on a globetrotting spree that took them from the Philippine jungles to the Wild West to
an underground kingdom.

Plot Synopsis by Hans J. Wollstein from allmovie.com
Directed by: Francis Ford

Written by: Grace Cunard  - scenario
Francis Ford - scenario

Grace Cunard ...  Lucille Love
Francis Ford ...  Loubeque / Hugo
Harry Schumm ...  Lieutenant Gibson
Ernest Shields ...  Thompson
Edgar Keller ...  Sumpter Love
Eddie Boland ...  Government Aviator
Wilbur Higby   
Burton Law   
Jean Hathaway   
William White
Harry L. Rattenberry   
John Ford
Lionel Bradshaw   
Lew Short
Louise Glaum ... Episode No. 15
Eva Thatcher ... Episode No. 15
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Universal Film Manufacturing

Props: John Ford
Stunts: John Ford
Production Assistant: John Ford

Runtime: 15 Episodes = 300 Minutes
Released: April 14, 1914
~668-2: From Episode #15: Louise Glaum & Eva Thatcher~
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