~Love's Wilderness~
~Plot Synopsis~
In a quiet Mississippi town, Linda Lou Heath, the orphaned daughter of an aristocratic family, is
reared in seclusion by two strict aunts. She is in love with David Tennant, but when he leaves to do
medical work in Africa, she marries Paul L'Estrange, a wanderer. She goes with Paul to an isolated
farm in Canada, where he deserts her, feigning death in a river accident. Believing herself free to
marry, Linda enters into wedlock with David and accompanies him to the penal colony on Devil's
Island. During a violent storm, there is a prison break, and Linda discovers that one of the escaping
prisoners is Paul. David finds them together and suspects that she still loves her first husband.
David gallantly arranges a pardon for Paul, but, before the latter can be freed, he is killed by a fellow
prisoner. Linda explains to David that Paul was nothing to her, and they are reconciled.   

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Directed by: Robert Z. Leonard

Written by:
Helen Klumph - adaptation
Eve Unsell - continuity

Based on the short story "Wilderness" by Helen Campbell (publication

Corinne Griffith ...Linda Lou Heath
Holmes Herbert ...David Tennant
Ian Keith ...Paul L'Estrange
Maurice de Canonge ...Pierre Bazin
Emily Fitzroy ...Matilda Heath
Anne Schaefer ... Prudence Heath
Bruce Covington ...Colonel Heath
David Torrence ...The Governor
Frank Elliott ...Van Arsdale
Adolph Milar ...Captain Moreau
Jim Blackwell ...Jubilo
William H. Post ...Lamaire
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Corinne Griffith Productions

Distribution Company: First National Pictures

Executive Producer: Corinne Griffith
Cinematography by: Oliver T. Marsh
Art Direction by: Milton Menasco

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Released: December 14, 1924