~Love's Flame~
~Vivienne Osbourne (sitting) & Cora Williams (standing)
and Reginald Barlow~
~Alexander Rene & Vivienne Osborne~
~Thomas Carrigan & Vivienne Osborne~
~Thomas Carrigan, Alexander Rene & J. Albert Hall~
~Vivenne Osborne, Thomas Carrigan, James Laffey &
Reginald Barlow~
~James Laffey & Albert Roccardi~
~Plot Synopsis~
After his plane is shot down in flames, Capt. Clay, a young American aviator, is rescued by
Frenchwoman Adele De Ronsard and taken to her family chateau. During his convalescence, Clay
falls in love with Adele, who is caring for a small child whom Clay assumes is hers. Ordered to return
to his squadron at the end of the war, Clay asks Adele's father, M. De Ronsard, for her hand in
marriage. De Ronsard refuses to allow his daughter to marry a foreigner, and so Clay and Adele
agree upon a ruse. They enter one of the bedrooms of the house together, and De Ronsard,
believing that his daughter has been compromised, insists upon their wedding. After Adele's sister
confesses that she is the mother of the little war baby, Clay and Adele go away together.  

Plot Synopsis from afi.com
Directed by: Carl Gregory

Written by:
Louis Reeves Harrison (screenplay & story)

Thomas Carrigan ...Capt. Donald Clay (as Thomas J. Carrigan)
Vivienne Osborne ...Adele De Ronsard
Cora Williams ...Mathilde
Alexander Rene ...Maurice (as Alexis Rene)
J. Albert Hall ...St. Gaudens
Albert Roccardi ...Monsieur Brisson
Marcelle Carroll ...Mme. Julia
Reginald Barlow ...Monsieur De Rosard (as Major Reginald Barlow)
James Laffey ...The Mayor (as James P. Laffey)
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Fidelity Pictures Company

Cinematography by: Carl Gregory

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: June 19, 1920
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