~Love Insurance~
~L299-8: Bryant Washburn & Lois Wilson~
~L299-10: Bryant Washburn, Lois Wilson & John Cossar~
~L299-36: John Cossar, Bryant Washburn & Lois Wilson~
~L299-44: Bryant Washburn & Lois Wilson~
~Plot Synopsis~
This amusing comedy, based on the book by Earl Derr Biggers, is well cast, with Bryant Washburn
and Lois Wilson in the lead roles. Allan Harrowby (Frank Elliott), supposedly a Lord, is concerned
that something will happen before his wedding to heiress Cynthia Meyrick (Wilson). So he goes to
Lloyd's of London and has the ceremony insured. Insurance agent Dick Minot (Washburn) is sent to
San Marco, FL, to see that the wedding happens, but on the trip down he meets Cynthia and falls in
love with her himself. He does his best to keep the wedding on track anyway, which isn't easy;
Jenkins (Fred Huntley), a valet, tries to pass himself off as Allan's older brother and Minot has just
gotten rid of him when Allan's real older brother, and real heir to the title (Clarence Geldart), shows
up. Cynthia's father (Theodore Roberts) is about to call the wedding off since Allan isn't really a Lord,
but then Allan's brother offers to give up the title in favor of his younger brother. In spite of
everyone's efforts, things nevertheless grind to a halt when Cynthia gets her hands on a copy of the
insurance policy. Infuriated that she is part of a business transaction, she calls the wedding off. She's
also mad at Minot for his part in it. But then Minot and Cynthia run into each other again on the train
out of San Marco, and once more romance blooms.

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Directed by: Donald Crisp    

Written by: Marion Fairfax (scenario)

Based on the novel Love Insurance by Earl Derr Biggers (Indianapolis,

Bryant Washburn ...  Dick Minot
Lois Wilson ...  Cynthia Meyrick
Theodore Roberts ...  Spencer Meyrick
Frances Raymond ...  Mary Meyrick
Frank Elliott ...  Allan Harrowby
Edwin Stevens ...  Martin Wall
Clarence Geldart ...  George Harrowby
A. Edward Sutherland ...  Jack Paddock
P. Dempsey Tabler ...  Hunt
Fred E. Wright ...  O'Malley
Edward Alexander ...  Jarvis
Wilton Taylor ...  Stacy
Fred Huntley ...  Jenkins
Willard Louis ...  Trimmer
Ethel Fleming ...  Gabrielle
John Cossar ...  Thacker
Ernest Pasque ...  Gonzales
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Famous Players-Lasky Corporation

Cinematography by: Charles Edgar Schoenbaum
Assistant Director: Frank Richardson  
Presenter: Jesse L. Lasky

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: August 17, 1919