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~According To The Papers~
Louise Glaum scores another screen triumph in "Love, " the unique story from a scenario by Louis
Joseph Vance which is the principal feature of this week's program at the Criterion theater, seldom has a
more appealing or more revealing role been created for stage or screen. In "Love," Miss Glaum, as
Natalie Storm, makes the greatest sacrifice in a woman's life. For the sake of a baby sister, she throws
her own happiness into the discard and becomes the companion of a worthless rouge. While this
situation is one that can be admired, there is a moral which is found in the purpose which dominates the
action. There were two paths open to this young lady. Poverty and illness for her sister and herself or
comfort and ease for the sister. Natalie chose the latter. In the end, however, truth finds the way and
love conquers all. Miss Glaum has an exceptional role, one in which her full emotional powers are
brought into being, and never before has she appeared to better advantage.

The Atlanta Constitution, Page 12, January 25, 1921
Atlanta, Georgia
Directed by: Wesley Ruggles

Written by:
Carol Kapleau - story
H. Tipton Steck - titles
Louis Joseph Vance - scenario

Louise Glaum ...  Natalie Storm
Peggy Cartwright ...  Beatrice Storm
James Kirkwood ...  Tom Chandler
Joseph Kilgour ...  Alvin Dunning
Edith Yorke ...  Beatrice's Mother
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: J. Parker Read Jr. Productions

Released by: Associated Producers Inc.

Cinematography by: Charles J. Stumar
Film Editing by: Ralph Dixon
Art Titles by: Leo H. Braun, Carl Schneider & F.J. Van Halle
Technical Director, Architecture: Charles H. Kyson
Technical Director: Harvey C. Leavitt

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Released: December 5, 1920
~R5-82: Louise Glaum & Peggy Cartwright~
~R5-53: Louise Glaum & Peggy Cartwright~
~R5-69: Louise Glaum~
~Plot Synopsis~
Natalie Storm, a young woman struggling to support her mother and little sister through sweatshop
labor, sees her mother die and her sister suffer for want of proper food and surroundings. This forces
her to reject the proposal of Tom Chandler, a self-educated mining engineer, who then sets out for
South America to make his fortune. To save her sister, Natalie becomes the mistress of Wall Street
magnate Alvin Dunning, until he publicly humiliates her and she determines to free herself. Meanwhile,
Chandler returns after having discovered a copper mine in South America. Invited to a party at the
Dunning house, he meets Natalie as Dunning's mistress and, heartbroken, abruptly departs. Natalie, by
now desperate, obtains a lucky stock tip that enables her to finally break with Dunning. Seeking her out,
Dunning attempts to force her to return to him, and in a wild car ride, he is killed and Natalie severly
injured. Upon opening her eyes after the crash, she sees Tom standing over her, and the lovers are

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