~Louise Lorraine~

Born: October 1, 1901 in San Francisco, CA, USA
Died: February 2, 1981 in New York, NY, USA
American silent screen heroine Louise Lorraine (born Louise Escovar) began her career as Louise
Fortune opposite Chai Hong, a Chinese screen comic known as the "Chaplin of the Orient." She was
briefly mentioned as Harold Lloyd's new leading lady, but starred instead opposite Elmo Lincoln in
the serial Elmo the Fearless (1920). With that, a new action queen was born and Universal signed
her to a long-term contract. She was reunited with the brawny Lincoln in The Flaming Disc (1920)
and The Adventures of Tarzan(1921). She was soon challenging Allene Ray's position as America's
favorite damsel in distress. As fearless as the previous decade's Pearl White, Lorraine reportedly
insisted on doing even the most dangerous of stunts herself -- until she witnessed an automobile
overturn during the filming of The Great Circus Mystery (1925) that killed the passengers. In 1925,
she married one of her leading men, the hard-drinking Art Acord, and together they left Universal to
star in Westerns produced by poverty row company Truart. The strain quickly began to show both
on- and offscreen, and the marriage ended in 1929. Entertaining the idea of escaping action
melodramas altogether, Lorraine signed with posh MGM, but without her riding britches she was
unremarkable. Returning to Universal for one final serial fling, The Lightning Express (1930),
Lorraine discovered that some of the fun had gone out of filmmaking with the introduction of sound
and she retired. In her later years, she remained amazed at how well both she and her serials
continued to be remembered.

Biography by Hans J. Wollstein, AllMovie.com
~Silent Filmography~
The Diamond Master (1929) .... Doris Killner
Shadows of the Night (1928) .... Molly
The Wright Idea (1928) .... Helen
A Final Reckoning (1928) .... Miss Whitney, Ruben's Sister
Chinatown Charlie (1928) .... Annie Gordon
Circus Rookies (1928) .... La Belle
Baby Mine (1928) .... Helen ... Movie Still Code: 263-X
Legionnaires in Paris (1927) .... Annette
... aka French Leave (UK)
The Frontiersman (1927) .... Athalie Burgoyne
Hard Fists (1927) .... Betty Barnes
Rookies (1927) .... Zella Fay
Winners of the Wilderness (1927) .... Mimi
The Stolen Ranch (1926) .... Mary Jane
The Silent Flyer (1926) .... Helen Corliss
... aka The Sky Skidder
Exit Smiling (1926) .... Phyllis Tichnor
The Blue Streak (1926) .... Inez Del Rio
Pals (1925) .... Molly Markham
Borrowed Finery (1925) .... Sheila Conroy
The Silent Guardian (1925) .... Jessie Stevens
The Wild Girl (1925) .... Pattie
Three in Exile (1925) .... Lorraine Estes
The Verdict (1925) .... Carol Kingsley
The Great Circus Mystery (1925) .... Trixie Tremaine
McGuire of the Mounted (1923) .... Julie Montreau
Sweetie (1923)
The Oregon Trail (1923) .... Rosita Velasquez
The Gentleman from America (1923) .... Carmen Navarro
The Wolves of the Waterfront (1923)
The Yellow Handkerchief (1923)
Fighting Blood (1923)
The Altar Stairs (1922) .... Joie Malet
True Blue (1922)
The Law of the Sea (1922)
Little Red Riding Hood (1922/I)
Pirates of the Deep (1922)
The Radio King (1922) .... Ruth Leyden
The Cabby (1922)
The Channel Raiders (1922)
The White and Yellow (1922)
Up in the Air About Mary (1922) .... Mary
With Stanley in Africa (1922)
The Fire Eater (1921) .... Martha McCarthy
Get-Rich-Quick Peggy (1921)
The Adventures of Tarzan (1921) .... Jane
Sea Shore Shapes (1921)
The Danger Man (1921)
... aka The Cowboy Editor (USA)
Valley of the Rogues (1921)
Stand Up and Fight (1921)
Fighting Blood (1921)
The Outlaw (1921)
The Guilty Trail (1921)
Double-Crossed (1921)
The Knockout Man (1921)
The Midnight Raiders (1921)
A Bunch of Kisses (1921)
Big Bob (1921)
The Dog Doctor (1921)
The Trigger Trail (1921)
The Flaming Disc (1920) .... Helen
... aka The Flaming Disk (USA)
A Movie Hero (1920) (as Louise Fortune)
Elmo the Fearless (1920) .... Edith Stillwell
~Beautiful Jack Freulich Portrait of
Louise Lorraine is courtesy of Julie
from Australia~