~Long Fliv the King~
~Charley Chase & Martha Sleeper~

Charley Chase ...  Charles Chase
Martha Sleeper ...  Princess Helga of Thermosa
Max Davidson ...  Warfield
Oliver Hardy ...  The Prime Minister's Assistant
Fred Malatesta ...  Hamir of Uvocado, the Prime Minister
John Aasen ...  Giant Swordsman (uncredited)
Sammy Brooks ...  (uncredited)
Helen Gilmore ...  Helga's Lady-in-Waiting (uncredited)
Lon Poff ...  (uncredited)
Directed by: Leo McCarey

Written by:
Charles Alphin - story
H.M. Walker - titles
This Hal Roach two-reeler is not one of Charley Chase's best efforts. It's notable only because it's
one of the approximately ten percent of silent films known to have survived, and it features Oliver
Hardy, before he teamed up with Stan Laurel, in a bit role. Princess Helga of Thermosa (Martha
Sleeper) is on a shopping expedition in New York when she receives word that her father, the king,
is dead. She can't become queen, however, unless she finds a husband, and quick. She makes her
choice, Charley, primarily because he is about to be executed for a crime of which he is innocent. But
after the new queen has gone back to Thermosa, Charley is pardoned, and with the questionable
help of lawyer Warfield (Max Davidson), he goes to Thermosa to be with his wife. But first he has to
deal with Prime Minister Hamir of Uvocado (Fred Malatesta), who was hoping to marry Helga
himself. Hamir plots to have him killed, but Charley, Helga, and the ever-present Warfield manage
to make their escape. Hardy's small role was the assistant to Hamir.

By Janiss Garza (allmovie.com)
~Plot Synopsis~
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: Hal Roach Studios

Released by: Pathé Exchange

Produced by: Hal Roach
Cinematography by: Floyd Jackman
Film Editing by: Richard C. Currier
Assistant Director: H.W. Scott
Supervising Director: F. Richard Jones

Runtime: 25 Minutes
Released: June 13, 1916