~Little Annie Rooney~
~Plot Synopsis~
Little Annie Rooney, the daughter of a policeman, divides her time between getting into mischief and
caring for her father and her brother, Tim. Annie's father is killed in a gang brawl, and Annie and
Tim become intent on revenge. When they learn that Joe Kelly, the apple of Annie's eye, has been
blamed for the murder, Tim takes his father's gun and shoots him. Meanwhile, in the company of a
band of neighborhood ruffians, Annie captures the real killer. Annie goes to the hospital where Joe
lies fighting for his life and consents to a blood transfusion that saves him. Joe recovers and goes
into the trucking business; Tim becomes a traffic cop.

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Directed by: William Beaudine

Written by:
Katherine Hennessey - story
Louis D. Lighton   adaptation
Hope Loring - adaptation
Tom McNamara - titles

Mary Pickford ...  Annabelle 'Little Annie' Rooney
William Haines ...  Joe Kelly
Walter James ...  Officer Timothy Rooney
Gordon Griffith ...  Tim Rooney
Carlo Schipa ...  Tony
Spec O'Donnell ...  Abie Levy
Hugh Fay ...  Spider
Vola Vale ...  Mamie
Joe Butterworth ...  Mickey Kelly
Oscar Rudolph ...  Athos
Bernard Berger ... One of Mickey's Boys (uncredited)
George Bookasta ... Boy that yells 'Cops' (uncredited)
Francis X. Bushman Jr. ... Young Hospital Interne (uncredited)
Cameo the Dog ... The Dog (uncredited)
Charles K. French ... Surgeon (uncredited)
Robert Gordon ... One of the Boys (uncredited)
Newton House ... One of the Boys (uncredited)
Eugene Jackson ...  Humidor
Albert Schaefer ...  Chubby kid
Bernard Berger ...  One of the boys (uncredited)
Newton House ...  One of the boys (uncredited)
Freddie Jackson ...  One of the Boys (uncredited)
Fred Kelsey ...  Desk Sergeant (uncredited)
Albert Schaefer ... Chubby Kid (uncredited)
George Ward ... One of Mickey's Boys (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: Mary Pickford Pictures
Distributed by: United Artists

Producer: Mary Pickford
Original Music by: Joseph Plunkett
Cinematography by: Hal Mohr & Charles Rosher
Art Direction by: John DuCasse Schulze & Paul Youngblood
Assistant Director: Tom McNamara
Consulting Art Director: Harry Oliver
Props: Irving W. Sindler
Negative Cutter: Harold McLernon
Electrical Effects: William S. Johnson
Collaborator: Tom McNamara

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Released: September 5, 1925