~Lilyan Tashman~

Born: October 23, 1896 in Brooklyn, NY, USA
Died: March 21, 1934 in New York, NY, USA
American stage and screen actress Lilyan Tashman was one of the most enjoyable -- and most tragic
-- participants in Hollywood's early-talkie era. In films since 1921, Tashman contributed sleekly
sophisticated performances in such silents as Manhandled (1924) and Don't Tell the Wife (1929),
but didn't truly come into her own until her first sound film, New York Nights (1929). For the next
five years, the blond, statuesque, flashing-eyed Tashman became one of Hollywood's best "bad
girls," using up men like tissue paper, employing her wiles in any and every means possible to adorn
herself with creature comforts, and letting the audience know that she considered sex as a
pleasurable recreation rather than a grim necessity of life. Even when playing the instigator of a
killing spree in Murder by the Clock 19(31), Tashman was impossible to dislike. She was at her most
effective in a brief series of costarring stints with actress Kay Francis, especially in Girls About Town
(1931), wherein she and Francis played the two most craven golddiggers in all of Manhattan. Alas,
shortly after completing her last film Riptide (1934), Tashman died at age 33, the victim of a
cancerous tumor. It is probable that, had she not passed away, Lilyan Tashman would have had a
severe career setback after the establishment of Hollywood Production Code, which effectively
eliminated the sort of delightfully debauched vixens whichTashman so deftly portrayed.

Biography by Hal Erickson, AllMovie.com
~Silent Filmography~
Gold Diggers of Broadway (1929) ... Eleanor - Movie Still Code: GD-X
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Lady Raffles (1928) .... Lillian
Phyllis of the Follies (1928) .... Mrs. Decker
Happiness Ahead (1928) .... Kay
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A Texas Steer (1927) .... Dixie Style
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The Prince of Headwaiters (1927) .... Mae Morin
The Woman Who Did Not Care (1927) .... Iris Carroll
Evening Clothes (1927) (uncredited) .... Undetermined Role
Don't Tell the Wife (1927) .... Suzanna
Camille (1926/I) .... Olympe
Love's Blindness (1926) .... Alice, Duchess of Lincolnwood
For Alimony Only (1926) .... Narcissa Williams
So This Is Paris (1926) .... Georgette Lalle, a dancer
Siberia (1926) .... Beautiful Blonde
Whispering Smith (1926) .... Marion Sinclair
The Skyrocket (1926) .... Ruby Wright
Rocking Moon (1926) .... Sasha Larianoff
Bright Lights (1925) .... Gwen Gould
Seven Days (1925) .... Bella Wilson
The Girl Who Wouldn't Work (1925) .... Greta Verlaine
Pretty Ladies (1925) .... Selma Larson
I'll Show You the Town (1925) .... Fan Green
A Broadway Butterfly (1925) .... Thelma Perry
Declassée (1925) .... Mrs. Leslie
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The Parasite (1925) .... Laura Randall
Ports of Call (1925) .... Lillie
Is Love Everything? (1924) .... Edythe Stanley
The Dark Swan (1924) .... Sybil Johnson
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The Garden of Weeds (1924) .... Hazel
Winner Take All (1924) .... Felicity Brown
Manhandled (1924) .... Pinkie Moran
Nellie, the Beautiful Cloak Model (1924) .... Nita
Head Over Heels (1922) .... Edith Penfield
Experience (1921) .... Pleasure