Lilies of the Streets
Directed by: Joseph Levering

Written by:
Harry Chandlee ... screenplay    
Elizabeth J. Monroe ... story

Virginia Lee Corbin ... Judith Lee
Wheeler Oakman ... Frank Delmore
Peggy Kelly ... Nita Moore
Johnnie Walker ... John Harding
Irma Harrison ... Margy Hopkins
Mary E. Hamilton ... Mrs. Hamilton
Elizabeth J. Monroe ... Herself (assistant to Mrs. Hamilton)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Belban Productions

Distribution Company: Film Booking Offices of America (FBO)

Produced by: Mary E. Hamilton
Cinematography by:
Murphy Darling
Charles J. Davis
Edward Paul

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 minutes
Released: May 3, 1925
~Plot Synopsis~
137-7: Irma Harrison, Mary E. Hamilton and Elizabeth J. Monroe  
137-8: Irma Harrison and Mary E. Hamilton
137-10: Irma Harrison and Mary E. Hamilton
137-25: Irma Harrison and Mary E. Hamilton
137-40: Irma Harrison and Wheeler Oakman
137-44: Irma Harrison and Mary E. Hamilton
137-45: Irma Harrison and unknown actors
137-46: Unknown actor and Irma Harrison
137-49: Unknown actors and Irma Harrison
137-50: Unknown actors and Irma Harrison
137-51: Unknown actor and Irma Harrison
137-53: Unknown actor and Irma Harrison
137-84: Irma Harrison (center)
137-84: Irma Harrison (center)
137-91: Irma Harrison at bench, Virginia Lee Corbin behind Harrison and Johnnie Walker to right of
137-9: Irma Harrison, Elizabeth J. Monroe and Mary E. Hamilton
137-X: Mary E. Hamilton and Irma Harrison
137-94: Irma Harrison and Johnnie Walker
Judith Lee (Virginia Lee Corbin), a wild young flapper, is injured in an automobile accident and
accepts a ride home in a passing car driven by Frank Delmore (Wheeler Oakman), a smalltime hood
whose specialty is blackmailing women. Delmore then takes her to an East Side dancehall where he
gets into a fight. The police are called, and Judith ends up in jail. Margy Hopkins (Irma Harrison),
Delmore's accomplice and mistress, is arrested along with Judith and persuades the unsuspecting girl
to plead guilty to the charge against her. Judith takes the girl's advice, not realizing that she has been
charged with prostitution; Delmore then uses Judith's criminal record to blackmail her mother.
Delmore is mysteriously killed, and Judith, who believes her mother to be guilty of the murder, falsely
confesses to the crime to protect her. Judith is sentenced to be executed, but Mrs. Hamilton (Mary E.
Hamilton), a police matron, persuades Margy, who shot Delmore out of jealousy, to confess to the
crime. Judith is freed and, having learned her lesson, gives her heart to John Harding (Johnnie
Walker), a conservative young lawyer who worked with much diligence to secure her release.

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