~Lilac Time~
~111-28P: Cleve Moore~
111-319: Colleen Moore & Gary Cooper~
~Photograph of Billboard promoting the film at the Carthay Circle Theatre in Los Angeles~
~Promotional Drawing of Colleen Moore in
Lilac Time shown at the Carthay Circle
~Colleen Moore~
~111-64: Colleen Moore & Gary Cooper~
~111-130: Colleen Moore~
~111-164: Colleen Moore & Gary Cooper~
~111-23P: Jack Stoney~
~Colleen Moore & Gary Cooper~
~Plot Synopsis~
Seven young English aviators are billeted at the Berthelot farm near the French front. One of the
flyers, Philip Blythe, falls in love with farmer Berthelot's daughter, Jeannie, and on the morning
before a dangerous mission declares his love for her. Philip is shot down, and Jeannie helps an
ambulance crew to extricate his apparently lifeless body from the wrecked plane. In the following
weeks, Jeannie searches in vain in all of the military army hospitals for Philip. She does encounter
Philip's father, who, disapproving of her lowly origins, falsely informs her that Philip has died. In
farewell, Jeannie sends a bouquet of lilacs to his room, and Philip, recognizing the flowers as her
gift, painfully drags himself to his window in time to call her back to him.  

Plot Synopsis from afi.com
Directed by:
George Fitzmaurice    
Frank Lloyd - uncredited

Written by:  
Guy Fowler - book
Willis Goldbeck - adaptation
George Marion Jr. - titles
Adela Rogers St. Johns - adaptation
Carey Wilson - writer

Based on the play  
Lilac Time  by Jane Cowl, Jane Murfin (New York, 6
Feb 1917).

Colleen Moore ...  Jeannine Berthelot
Gary Cooper ...  Capt. Philip Blythe
Burr McIntosh ...  Gen. Blythe
George Cooper ...  Mechanic's Helper
Cleve Moore ...  Capt. Russell (flight commander)
Kathryn McGuire ...  Lady Iris Rankin
Eugenie Besserer ...  Madame Berthelot
Emile Chautard ...  The Mayor
Jack Stoney ...  The Kid
Edward Dillon ...  Mike the Mechanic
Dick Grace ...  Aviator
Stuart Knox ...  Aviator
Harlan Hilton ...  Aviator
Richard Jarvis ...  Aviator
Jack Ponder ...  Aviator
Dan Dowling ...  Aviator
Eddie Clayton ...  The Enemy Ace
Arthur Lake ...  The Unlucky One
Philo McCullough ...  German Officer
Nelson McDowell ...  French Drummer
J. Gunnis Davis ...  Bit Part (uncredited)
Paul Hurst ...  (uncredited)
Harold Lockwood ...  (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Produced and Released by: First National Pictures

Produced by: George Fitzmaurice & John McCormick  
Original Music by: Cecil Copping
Cinematography by: Sidney Hickox    
Film Editing by: Alexander Hall    
Art Direction by: Horace Jackson    
Assistant Director: Cullen Tate
Aerial Camera Operator: Alvin Knechtel
Assistant Camera: Cliff Shirpser   
Composers: Additional Music: Leo Erdody & Fritz Stahlberg (both uncredited)
Technical Advisor: Captain Robert De Coudeic
Technical Flight Commander: Dick Grace
Technical Advisors: Harry Redmond Sr. & Captain L.J.S. Scott

Length: 11 Reels
Runtime: 80 Minutes
Released: October 18, 1928
~111-9: Colleen Moore and cast~