~Lights of Old Broadway~
~Marion Davies~
~Plot Synopsis~
Fely and Anne are twins orphaned when their mother dies en route from Ireland to America. Fely is
adopted by the O'Tandys, who live in New York's Shantytown, and Anne is adopted by the wealthy
De Rhondos. Fely grows up without knowing her sister and becomes a dancer in Tony Pastor's
theater. Dirk De Rhondo, Anne's stepbrother, is attracted to Fely, and after protecting her during
the great Orangemen's riot falls in love with her. She consents to his proposal but later retracts
when Dirk's father dispossesses her family. Fely's father, however, becomes wealthy when his
investment in Edison's incandescent light pays off, but Dirk's father is ruined. Fely saves De
Rhondo's bank from a run by making a large deposit, thus winning over Dirk's family and paving the
way for their marriage.

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Directed by: Monta Bell    

Written by:
Joseph Farnham - titles
Carey Wilson - adaptation & screenplay

Based on the play  Merry Wives of Gotham; or, Two and Sixpence  by
Laurence Eyre (New York, 16 Jan 1924).

Marion Davies ...  Fely / Anne
Conrad Nagel ...  Dirk de Rhonde
Frank Currier ...  Lambert de Rhonde
George K. Arthur ...  Andy
Charles McHugh ...  Shamus O'Tandy
Eleanor Lawson ...  Mrs. O'Tandy
Julia Swayne Gordon ...  Mrs. de Rhonde
Matthew Betz ...  'Red' Hawkins
Wilbur Higby ...  Fowler
Bodil Rosing ...  Widow Gorman
George Bunny ...  Tony Pastor
Georgie Harris ...  Joe Weber
Bernard Berger ...  Lew Fields
J. Frank Glendon ...  Thomas A. Edison
Buck Black ...  Young Teddy Roosevelt
Karl Dane ...  Roosevelt's Father
William De Vaull ...  De Rhonde's Butler
Buddy Smith ...  Dirk de Rhonde as a child
Mary Gordon ...  Bit (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Cosmopolitan Productions

Distributed by: Metro-Goldwyn Pictures Corporation

Produced by: Monta Bell  
Cinematography by: Ira H. Morgan  
Film Editing by: Blanche Sewell  
Art Direction by: Ben Carré & Cedric Gibbons
Costume Design by: Ethel P. Chaffin    

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 80 Minutes
Released: November 8, 1925
Premiere: New York premiere: 1 Nov 1925