~Let's Elope~
~F202-1: Marguerite Clark~
~Plot Synopsis~
After a year of marriage, Eloise Farrington (Marguerite Clark) is unhappy because her husband
Hilary (Frank Mills), a successful novelist, neglects her for his work. She seeks solace with Darrell
McKnight (Gaston Glass), who neglects his fiancée, Nora Gail (Helen Greene), and promises to
elope with him, if no lovemaking is involved, should Hilary leave for his Norwich, Long Island
bungalow without inviting her. When Hilary departs, Eloise phones Darrell, but Nora connives with
Hilary to upset their plans. Hilary returns and says that he will not stand in their way. He offers the
bungalow, and when they refuse, pulls out a revolver and insists. When Nora arrives at the
bungalow, Darrell's suggestion that she and Hilary planned a rendezvous, provokes Eloise's
jealousy. That night, after Darrell tries to enter Eloise's room, she regards him as a cad and calls her
uncle, the Bishop (A. H. Busby), to help get rid of Darrell and Nora. In the morning, the Bishop
marries Darrell and Nora, who have made up. They leave Hilary and Eloise, who, realizing their love
for each other, begin their second honeymoon.

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Directed by: John S. Robertson    

Written by: Katherine S. Reed

Based on the play The Naughty Wife by Fred Jackson (New York, 17 Nov
1917) Revised and elaborated by Edgar Selwyn.

Marguerite Clark ...  Eloise Farrington
Frank Mills ...  Hilary Farrington
Gaston Glass ...  Darrell McKnight
Helen Greene ...  Nora Gail
Blanche Standing ...  Maid
George Stevens ...  Butler
A.H. Busby ...  Bishop
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Famous Players-Lasky Corporation

Cinematography by: Hal Young
Thomas H. Ince & Adolph Zukor
Thomas H. Ince

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: April 23, 1919