~Karl Dane~

Born: October 12, 1886 in Copenhagen, Denmark
Died: April 14, 1934 in Los Angeles, California, USA
At the turn of the century, 14-year-old Karl Dane first appeared on stage in the Copenhagen theater
owned by his father. During the 1910s he traveled to Hollywood and in 1918 was cast in My Four
Years in Germany and To Hell With the Kaiser both silent anti-German propaganda pieces. After
his impressive portrayal of a U.S. infantryman in the World War I chronicle The Big Parade (1925)
his popularity and film roles declined and he began working as a character comedian, often
opposite George K. Arthur. Because he retained his heavy Danish accent, his acting career was
finished at the end of the silent-film era. Sadly, at the age of 48, Karl Dane committed suicide.

Biograph by Sandra Brennan, AllMovie.com
~Silent Filmography~
The Mysterious Island (1929) (uncredited)
Speedway (1929) .... Dugan
China Bound (1929) .... Sharkey Nye
All at Sea (1929) .... Stupid McDuff ... Movie Still Code: 396-X
The Voice of the Storm (1929) .... Spike
Brotherly Love (1928) .... Oscar
Detectives (1928) .... House Detective
Circus Rookies (1928) .... Oscar Thrust
The Trail of '98 (1928) .... Lars Petersen
Baby Mine (1928) .... Oswald Hardy ... Movie Still Code: 263-X
The Enemy (1927) .... Jan
Rookies (1927) .... Sgt. Diggs
Slide, Kelly, Slide (1927) .... Swede Hansen
The Red Mill (1927) .... Captain Jacop Van Goop
War Paint (1926) .... Petersen
Bardelys the Magnificent (1926) .... Rodenard
The Scarlet Letter (1926) .... Master Giles
The Son of the Sheik (1926) .... Ramadan
Monte Carlo (1926/I) .... The Doorman
La boheme (1926) .... Benoit
His Secretary (1925) .... Janitor
Lights of Old Broadway (1925) .... Roosevelt's Father
... aka Little Old New York (UK)
The Big Parade (1925) .... Slim
The Everlasting Whisper (1925) .... Jarrold

The Whirlwind (1919) .... The Wolf
Daring Hearts (1919) .... Lieutenant Von Bergheim
The Great Victory, Wilson or the Kaiser? The Fall of the Hohenzollerns (1919) .... Von Bethmann
... aka The Fall of the Hohenzollerns
... aka Why Germany Must Pay
... aka Wilson or the Kaiser
Wolves of Kultur (1918)
To Hell with the Kaiser! (1918) .... Von Hollweg
Her Final Reckoning (1918) .... Prince Tcheretoff
The Triumph of Venus (1918) .... Mars
My Four Years in Germany (1918) .... Chancellor von Bethmana-Hollweg