~June Caprice~

Born: November 19, 1895 in Arlington, Massachusetts, USA
Died: November 9, 1936 in Los Angeles, California, USA
~Movie Still photograph from "Patsy," 1917~
The success of Mary Pickford engendered well-remembered rivals such as Marguerite Clark and the
ill-fated Mary Miles Minter. Less memorable, perhaps, but in her day a force to reckon with, June
Caprice chose her screen name from her first film, a little romance entitled Caprice of the
Mountains (1916). Having won a local Massachusetts Pickford look-alike contest, June was signed
on the spot by movie mogul William Fox, who confidently promised a skeptical trade that "within six
months June Caprice will be the best known woman on the screen." Though never quite achieving
that lofty goal, Caprice did enjoy an increasingly large following via a string of Pickfordian
melodramas such as Little Miss Happiness (1916) and A Modern Cinderella (1917). She married
director Harry A. Millarde, and together they collaborated on Blue Eyed Mary (1918) and The Heart
of Romance (1918). But, like Pickford, Caprice yearned to grow up and play sophisticated young
ladies her own age. Unfortunately The Love Cheat (1919), based on a musical-comedy by P. G.
Wodehouse, was not a success, and following the 1921 serial The Sky Ranger, Caprice retired. Her
early death was attributed to a long bout with cancer.

Biography by Hans J. Wollstein, AllMovie.com
~Silent Filmography~
The Sky Ranger (1921) .... June Elliott
... aka The Man Who Stole the Moon (USA: new title)
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A Damsel in Distress (1919) .... Maud Marsh
The Love Cheat (1919) .... Louise Gordon
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Blue-Eyed Mary (1918) .... Mary Du Bois
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The Heart of Romance (1918) .... Eloise Jackson
Unknown 274 (1917) .... Dora Belton
Miss U.S.A. (1917) .... June
Every Girl's Dream (1917) .... Gretchen
Patsy (1917) .... Patsy Prim
The Small Town Girl (1917) .... June
A Child of the Wild (1917) .... June Griest
A Modern Cinderella (1917) .... Joyce
The Sunshine Maid (1917)
The Mischief Maker (1916) .... Effie Marchand
... aka The Mischief Makers
The Ragged Princess (1916) .... Alicia Jones
... aka Alicia of the Orphans
Little Miss Happiness (1916) .... Lucy White
Caprice of the Mountains (1916) .... Caprice Talbert