~Julian Eltinge~

Born: May 14, 1881 in Newtonville, Massachusetts, USA
Died: March 7, 1941 in New York City, New York, USA
~Photoplay Magazine~
September 1917
~Silent Filmography~
Madame Behave (1925) .... Jack Mitchell/'Madame Behave'
The Fascinating Widow (1925)
An Adventuress (1920) .... Clifford Townsend
... aka "The Isle of Love" - USA (reissue title)

The Widow's Might (1918) .... Dick Tavish
Princess Martini (1918)
War Relief (1918)
The Clever Mrs. Carfax (1917) .... Temple Trask/Mrs. Carfax
... aka "All He Knew About Women" - USA (alternative title)
... aka "The Amazing Lover" - USA (alternative title)
... aka "The Tricks of the Sex" - USA (alternative title)
... aka "Unlike Other Girls" - USA (alternative title)
The Countess Charming (1917) .... Stanley Jordan/Countess Raffelski
All-Star Production of Patriotic Episodes for the Second Liberty Loan (1917)
Her Grace, the Vampire (1917)
The Isle of Love (1916)
How Molly Malone Made Good (1915) .... Himself, Cameo Appearance
Cousin Lucy (1914)
Crinoline Girl (1914)
Julian Eltinge, famed female impersonator, star of such speaking stage successes as "Fascinating
Widow" and "Cousin Lucy," is the newest twinkler of the legitimate to enter the picture field.
Famous Players-Lasky is the organization which captured the muscular Julian, who in a half hour's
time can transform himself from a sturdy, upstanding man into a bewitchingly fair and graceful
society belle. In pictures, of course, he will enact the sort of roles for which he is famous, so don't
write him any mash notes, fellers, thinking he is a girl, 'cause you've had fair warning of what to