~Julia Faye~

Born: September 24, 1893 in Richmond, Virginia, USA
Died: April 6, 1966 in Hollywood, California, USA
American silent-film actress Julia Faye made her film bow in The Lamb (1915), which also
represented the first film appearance of Douglas Fairbanks Sr. Though she photographed
beautifully, Faye's acting skills were limited. It's possible she would have quickly faded from the
scene without the sponsorship of producer/director Cecil B. DeMille. Faye appeared in sizeable
roles in most of DeMille's extravaganzas of the '20s; her assignments ranged from the supporting
part of an Aztec handmaiden in The Woman God Forgot (1918) to the wife of Pharoah in The Ten
Commandments (1923). Offscreen, Faye became DeMille's mistress. The actress continued to work
in DeMille's films into the sound era, at least until the personal relationship dissolved. By the '40s,
Faye was washed up in films and hard up financially. DeMille responded generously by putting Faye
on his permanent payroll, casting her in minor roles in his films of the '40s and '50s, and seeing to it
that she was regularly hired for bit parts at the director's home studio of Paramount. Julia Faye's
final appearance was in 1958's The Buccaneer, which also happened to be the last film ever
produced by Cecil B. DeMille (it was directed by DeMille's son-in-law, Anthony Quinn).

Biography by Hal Erickson, AllMovie.com
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The Woman God Forgot (1917) .... Tecza's handmaiden
A Roadside Impresario (1917) .... Adelaide Vandergrift
A Lover's Might (Short) (1916) ... The Mayor's Daughter
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