~Juanita Hansen~

Born: March 3, 1895 in Des Moines, Iowa, USA
Died: September 26, 1961 in West Hollywood, CA, USA
~Silent Filmography~
Girl from the West (1923)
The Broadway Madonna (1922) .... Gloria Thomas
The Eternal Flame (1922)
The Yellow Arm (1921) .... Suzanne Valette
The Red Snow (1921)
The Jungle Princess (1920) .... Zoolah aka Princess Elyata of Tarik
The Phantom Foe (1920) .... Janet Dale
The Lost City (1920) .... Princess Elyata of Tarik
... aka The Lost City of the African Jungle (USA)

Lombardi, Ltd. (1919) .... Phyllis Manning
Rough-Riding Romance (1919) .... The Princess
Taking Things Easy (1919)
Devil McCare (1919) .... Mary Archer
... aka Devil M'Care
The Poppy Girl's Husband (1919) .... Polly Dutton, the PoppyGirl
... aka Poppy Girl (UK)
A Midnight Romance (1919) .... Blondie Mazie
Yankee Doodle in Berlin (1919)
... aka The Kaiser's Last Squeal (USA)
Breezy Jim (1919) .... Patricia Wentworth
The Sea Flower (1918) .... Lurline
The Rough Lover (1918) .... Helen
The Brass Bullet (1918) .... Rosalind Joy
The Mating of Marcella (1918) .... Lois Underwood
The Risky Road (1918) .... Lottie Bangor
Fast Company (1918) .... Alicia Vanderveldt
Broadway Love (1918) .... Cherry Blow
His Busy Day (1917)
Whose Baby? (1917/II)
A Clever Dummy (1917) .... A leading lady
Dangers of a Bride (1917)
Cactus Nell (1917)
A Royal Rogue (1917) .... Daughter
When Hearts Collide (1917)
Glory (1917/I) .... Glory
A Noble Fraud (1917)
The Mediator (1916) .... Maggie
The Finishing Touch (1916)
His Pride and Shame (1916)
Black Eyes and Blue (1916)
Martyrs of the Alamo (1915) .... Old Soldier's Daughter
The Root of All Evil (1915)
The Failure (1915/I) (as Wahneta Hanson) .... Ruth Shipman
The Secret of the Submarine (1915) .... Cleo Burke
Betty in Search of a Thrill (1915) .... June Hastings
... aka Madcap Betty
The Absentee (1915) (as Wahnetta Hanson) .... Genevieve Rhodes/Vanity
The Love Route (1915) .... Lilly Belle
The Magic Cloak (1914) .... Queen Zixi of Ix
... aka The Magic Cloak of Oz (USA: alternative title)
... aka The Witch Queen (UK: cut version)
The Patchwork Girl of Oz (1914) (uncredited) .... Bell Ringer
... aka L. Frank Baum's Whimsical Fairy Tale The Patchwork Girl of Oz
... aka Ragged Girl of Oz (USA: reissue title)
... aka The Raggedy Girl (USA: reissue title)
Hard-luck girl Juanita Hansen starred opposite both William S. Hart and Tom Mix, and was at one
time or another a contract actress for both Mack Sennett and D.W. Griffith. Yet, it was as a
contender to the throne of serial queen Pearl White that she earned her small measure of fame.
Hansen went into films straight out of high school, first as a bit player then as a member of Sennett's
famed coterie of Bathing Beauties. A small supporting role in The Martyrs of the Alamo (1915),
supervised by Griffith, and a desire to escape slapstick comedy led to appearances opposite William
S. Hart in The Poppy Girl's Husband (1919) and Tom Mix in Rough Riding Romance (1919). Stardom
finally arrived when Colonel William N. Selig cast her as imperiled Princess Elyata in The Lost City
(1920), a 15-chapter serial. Its popularity earned her a berth with the top serial-maker of the day,
Pathé, which was searching for a replacement for the retiring Pearl White.

Pathé starred the blonde looker in The Phantom Foe (1920), a 15-chapter serial created by the same
team that had elevated Pearl White to fame: producer/writer/director George B. Seitz,
writer/director Bertram Millhouser, and writer Frank Leon Smith. Also present were White's
best-remembered foe, Warner Oland, and her stunt-double, Joe Cuny. Success was practically
guaranteed and Hansen was immediately ushered into The Yellow Arm (1921), again opposite Oland
and with Millhouser returning as director. All was not well, however, and Hansen was reportedly
looking visibly ill and fatigued. Cocaine addiction was taking a toll. Pathé unceremoniously cancelled
her contract.

She sought help, was apparently cured, and made her Broadway debut in The High Hatters in 1928.
Alas, tragedy struck again when she suffered burns from scalding water after fainting in her hotel
bathtub. The doctors ordered morphine to ease the pain and she became addicted once more. In
1934, apparently cured a second time, Hansen made her final screen appearance as a cabaret singer
in Monogram's ultra low-budget Sensation Hunters. When no further offers were forthcoming, she
toured carnivals, appeared in burlesque, and spoke publicly against the drug menace. There was a
suicide attempt in 1941 -- "I'm tired of fighting life. I can't stand it. I'd rather die than live," she told
a reporter -- but she survived and spent the remainder of her life as a clerk for Southern Pacific

Biography by Hans J. Wollstein, AllMovie.com