~Josie Sedgwick~

Born: March 13, 1898 in Galveston, Texas, USA
Died: April 30, 1973 (age 75) in Santa Monica, California, USA
Son of Oklahoma (1932) ... Mary Clayton, aka Shotgun Mary

Jim Hood's Ghost (Short) (1926)
The Little Warrior (Short) (1926) ... Roberta Randall
Outlaw Love (Short) (1926)
Mountain Molly O' (Short) (1926) ... Molly Mallory
Queen of the Hills (Short) (1926)
Montana of the Range (Short) (1926) ... Ruth Spear
Daring Days (1925) ... Eve Underhill
The Outlaw's Daughter (1925) ... Flora Dale
Dynamite's Daughter (Short) (1925) ... Lightning
The Best Man (Short) (1925) ... Jacqueline Canby
The Fighting Schoolmarm (Short) (1925) ... The Fighting Schoolmarm
A Battle of Wits (Short) (1925) ... Teddy Ramsay
Ropin' Venus (Short) (1925) ... Jerry Ramsdell - the Sheriff's Daughter
Queen of the Round-Up (Short) (1925) ... Patricia Ellis
Let 'er Buck (1925) ... Miss Mabel Thompson
The Saddle Hawk (1925) ... Mercedes
The Sawdust Trail (1924) ... 'Calamity' Jane Webster
The White Moth (1924) ... Ninon Aurel
Michael O'Halloran (1923) ... Leslie Winton
The Sunshine Trail (1923) ... Woman Crook (as Josephine Sedgwick)
Daddy (1923) ... Helene Savelli
The Crimson Clue (1922) ... Marion Gray
The Duke of Chimney Butte (1921) ... Grace Kerr
Western Hearts (1921) ... Edith Caldwell
Double Adventure (1921) ... Martha Steadman
The Lone Hand (1920) ... Betty Hampton
Daredevil Jack (1920) ... Glory Billings

Jubilo (1919) ... Rose Hardy
Kingdom Come (Short) (1919) ... Ginger
The She Wolf (Short) (1919) ... Belle of the Dance Hall
The Lure of the Circus (1918)
Wild Life (1918) ... Helen Martin
Beyond the Shadows (1918) ... Eleanor Wyatt
Hell's End (1918) ... Mary Flynn
Flapjacks (Short) (1918)
The Poor Fish (Short) (1918)
Wolves of the Border (1918) ... Ruth Warner
Paying His Debt (1918) ... Nan Christy
Keith of the Border (1918) ... Hope Waite / Christie McClaire
The Man Above the Law (1918) ... Esther Brown
The Maternal Spark (1917) ... Clarice
Indiscreet Corinne (1917) ... Pansy Hartley
Fighting Back (1917) ... Dance-Hall Girl
One Shot Ross (1917) ... Nan Sheridan
Ashes of Hope (1917) ... Belle
The Devil Dodger (1917)
The Pullman Mystery (Short) (1917) ... Lucille Crallen
The Boss of the Lazy Y (1917) ... Betty Clayton
Her Dream Man (Short) (1916) ... Helen's Maid
Missy (Short) (1916) ... Jenny
The Dreamer (Short) (1914) ... Aida - Al's Sweetheart
Brunette, convent-educated Josie Sedgwick began her professional career as a member of "The Five
Sedgwicks," a vaudeville family act that also included brother Edward Sedgwick and sister Eileen
Sedgwick. The former became a director at Universal and the latter blossomed into a major serial queen
and action heroine of the early '20s. Although never quite equaling the popularity of Eileen, Josie made
her own impact on the serial screen, co-starring with champion prize-fighter Jack Dempsey in "Daredevil
Jack" (1920) and opposite Charles Hutchison ("The Bravest Daredevil of the Screen") in "Double
Adventure" (1921). Both were directed by the young W.S. Van Dyke and Josie proved as fearless as her
leading men. Scores of low-budget Westerns followed and Sedgwick went on to star opposite such
legendary cowboy heroes as Hoot Gibson, Buck Jones, and William Desmond. She retired in 1926
returning only to play Bob Steele's mother (in flashback sequences) in the ultra-low-budget "Son of
Oklahoma" in 1932. In her later years, Josie shared a home with sister Eileen and their nonagenarian
mother. In retirement, neither sister wished to discuss their screen careers.

Biography by Han J. Wollstein, AllMovie.com