~Johnny Walker~

Born: January 7, 1894 in New York City, NY, USA
Died: December 5, 1949 in New York City, NY, USA
~Nelson Evans Portrait of Johnny Walker~
~Silent Filmography~
Vultures of the Sea (1928)
The Matinee Idol (1928) .... Don Wilson, Harry Mann
So This Is Love? (1928) .... Spike Mullins
Bare Knees (1928) .... Paul Gladden
... aka Short Skirts
Cross Breed (1927) .... Andy Corwin
Pretty Clothes (1927) (as Johnny Walker) .... Russell Thorpe
The Flag: A Story Inspired by the Tradition of Betsy Ross (1927) (as Johnny Walker) .... Charles
... aka The Flag (USA: short title)
A Boy of the Streets (1927) (as Johnny Walker) .... Ned Dugan
The Clown (1927) .... Bob Stone
The Swell-Head (1927) .... Bill O'Rourke
Where Trails Begin (1927) .... Gordon Ramsey
Held by the Law (1927) .... Tom Sinclair
The Snarl of Hate (1927) .... Charles Taylor/Robert Taylor
The Princess on Broadway (1927) (as Johnny Walker) .... Leon O'Day
Wolves of the Air (1927) .... Bob Warne
Rose of the Bowery (1927) (as Johnny Walker)
Fangs of Justice (1926) (as Johnny Walker) .... Terry Randall
Lightning Reporter (1926) (as Johnny Walker)
Old Ironsides (1926) (as Johnny Walker) .... Lieutenant Stephen Decatur
... aka Sons of the Sea (UK)
Honesty - The Best Policy (1926) .... Robert Dore
Morganson's Finish (1926) .... Dick Gilbert
The Earth Woman (1926) (as Johnny Walker) .... John Mason
Transcontinental Limited (1926) .... Johnnie Lane
Soiled (1925) (as Johnny Walker) .... Wilbur Brown
Children of the Whirlwind (1925) .... Larry Brainerd
The Scarlet West (1925) .... Lt. Parkman
Lena Rivers (1925) (as Johnny Walker) .... Durward Belmont
Lilies of the Streets (1925) .... John Harding
The Mad Dancer (1925) (as Johnny Walker) .... Keith Arundel
The Reckless Sex (1925) .... Robert Lanning Jr
Galloping Hoofs (1924) .... David Kirby
Life's Greatest Game (1924) .... Jackie Donovan Jr. (age 20)
The Slanderers (1924) .... Johnny Calkins
Wine of Youth (1924) .... William
Girls Men Forget (1924) .... Russell Baldwin
The Spirit of the USA (1924) .... Johnnie Gains
Fashionable Fakers (1923) .... Thaddeus Plummer
The Mailman (1923) .... Johnnie
Red Lights (1923) .... John Blake
Shattered Reputations (1923) .... Henry Wainright
Broken Hearts of Broadway (1923) .... George Colton ... Movie Still Code: 4088
Children of the Dust (1923) .... Terwilliger (adult)
... aka Children of Dust (USA: poster title)
The Fourth Musketeer (1923) .... Brien O'Brien
The Third Alarm (1922) .... Johnny McDowell
Captain Fly-by-Night (1922) .... First Stranger
My Dad (1922) .... Tom O'Day
In the Name of the Law (1922) .... Johnnie O'Hara (age 20)
The Sagebrush Trail (1922) (as Johnny Walker) .... Neil (Mary's brother)
... aka Ridin' Wild
Extra! Extra! (1922) .... Barry Price
The Jolt (1921) .... Johnnie Stanton
What Love Will Do (1921) .... Johnny Rowan
Play Square (1921) .... Johnny Carroll
Live Wires (1921) .... Bob Harding
Fantomas (1920) .... Jack Meredith
Over the Hill to the Poorhouse (1920) (as John Walker) .... Adult John
... aka Over the Hill
Greater Than Fame (1920) (as John Walker) .... Clarence
The Open Door (1919) .... Undetermined Role

Impossible Catherine (1919) (as John Walker) .... Herbert Drake
Brown of Harvard (1918) .... Jean
His Daughter Pays (1918) (as Johnny Walker) .... Undetermined Role
... aka La Baccarat (USA: copyright title)
The Knife (1918) .... Hampton Gray
A Son of Strife (1918) (as Johnny Walker) .... Mirko, Xenia's Son
The Untamed (1917) (as Johnny Walker)
The Beautiful Impostor (1917) (as Johnny Walker)
The Seeds of Redemption (1917)
The Masked Cupid (1917)
The Mystery of My Lady's Boudoir (1917) (as Johnny Walker)
Toto of the Byways (1916)
Cheaters (1916)
The Girl Who Didn't Tell (1916) (as Johnny Walker)
Love's Masquerade (1916)
The Trail of Chance (1916) (as Johnny Walker)
Behind the Veil (1916) (as Johnny Walker)
The Man from Nowhere (1916) (as Johnny Walker) .... Larry Ward
Destruction (1915) (as J. Walker)
The Land of Adventure (1915)
Her Happiness (1915)
On Dangerous Paths (1915) .... Henry Mills
Cohen's Luck (1915) (as John Walker) .... David Moss
Won Through Merit (1915) (as John Walker)
A Lucky Loser (1915)
The Bribe (1915) (as Johnny Walker)
A breezy All-American leading man, a type much favored in the 1920s, handsome, dark-haired
Johnnie Walker (aka John Walker and Johnny Walker is remembered for two very disparate
pictures: the tearjerker Over the Hill to the Poorhouse (1920), immensely popular with moviegoers,
and the historical epic Old Ironsides (1926), mostly heralded by the critics; Walker played Steven
Decatur in the latter and garnered the best reviews of his career.

From a prominent New York Irish family, Walker began his show business career in a vaudeville act
known as "Walker & White" and did some chorus work on Broadway in The Pearl Maiden (1912) and
Channing Pollock's My Best Girl (1912). He himself credited actress (and future star) Viola Dana with
introducing him to motion pictures and he appeared in numerous Edison two-reelers in 1915 before
switching allegiance to first Universal and then Fox. Walker hit pay dirt for the latter, playing Mary
Carr's reformed son in Over the Hill to the Poorhouse (1920), an incredibly popular version of the
Will Carleton poem. The studio advertised him as "America's Favorite Son" and raised his salary to
1,000 dollars, but his subsequent films for the company, mostly romantic action-dramas with Edna
Murphy (the future Mrs. Mervyn Leroy), were in the programmer category.

Striking out on his own in 1922, Walker produced several low-budget films starring serial ace Eddie
Polo and acted in a series of routine melodramas for Poverty Row company FBO, few of which, if any,
have survived. With co-stars such as Silverstreak, a Rin Tin Tin wannabe, and Rin Tin Tin himself,
Johnnie Walker quietly dropped out of the Hollywood A-list, a situation briefly remedied by director
James Cruze, who surprised everyone by awarding the has-been a plum role in Old Ironsides (1926).
But although the epic was esteemed by big-city critics, the average ticket buyer stayed away and
Walker's career remained in the doldrums.

Johnnie Walker can be seen starring in such minor efforts as Gotham's Bare Knees (1928), a
delightful comedy with Virginia Lee Corbin, and The Matinee Idol (1928), the latter directed by Frank
Capra but minor nonetheless. Sound reduced him to supporting roles but there were stints in
vaudeville and Walker produced several short subjects, some in connection with columnist Ed
Sullivan. He is listed as associate producer on old friend William K. Howard's New York-lensed Back
Door to Heaven (1939), which proved slightly more successful than his final ventures, producing and
directing the Broadway shows Make Yourself at Home (1945), with Hollywood actress Bernadene
Hayes, and The Haven (1946), with Melville Cooper and the singer Dennis King. Both folded after a
mere handful of performances. Johnnie Walker married and divorced vaudeville performer Rena
Parker and former Mack Sennett "Bathing Beauty" Maude Wayne.

Biography by Hans J. Wollstein, AllMovie.om