~John Gilbert~

Born: July 10, 1897 in Logan, Utah, USA
Died: January 9, 1936 in Los Angeles, CA, USA
~Silent Filmography~
~Promotional photograph of Laurette Taylor
with John Gilbert~
A major talent of the silent era, John Gilbert is best remembered today as a textbook victim of the
Hollywood machinery, a classic example of the motion picture industry's ability not only to
manufacture stars but also destroy them. Born John Pringle in Logan, Utah on July 10, 1899, he
broke into movies in 1915 as a bit player in Matrimony. His big break came four years later, when he
appeared opposite Mary Pickford in Heart O' the Hills. Soon Gilbert was a star, moving to Fox during
the 1920s and cementing his reputation as a leading adventure and western hero thanks to such
swashbuckling fare as the 1922 hit Monte Cristo.

By the middle of the decade, Gilbert was a cinema idol with few peers, starring in a string of
successes ranging from the 1924 hit He Who Gets Slapped to the back-to-back 1925 smashes The
Merry Widow and The Big Parade. In 1927 he teamed with Greta Garbo in MGM's Flesh and the
Devil; the two stars were soon rumored to be romantically involved, and the intensity of the
on-screen relationship made subsequent pairings like 1927's Love and the following year's A Woman
of Affairs major hits. However, following the deterioration of Gilbert's relationship with Garbo, he
came into conflict with studio-mogul Louis B. Mayer, effectively ending his career. While Gilbert's
later fall from grace was publicly attributed to the awkwardness of his voice following the advent of
the talkies, Hollywood insiders knew the truth -- Gilbert was the victim of Mayer's considerable
wealth and influence. The writing was on the wall: the studio heads could crush anyone who crossed
their paths, regardless of their popularity and star power. Gilbert was perhaps their most celebrated
sacrifice. On January 9, 1936 he died of a massive heart attack.

Show People (1928) ... Himself
The Masks of the Devil (1928) .... Baron Reiner
... aka The Masks of Satan
Four Walls (1928) .... Benny
The Cossacks (1928) .... Lukashka
Love (1927/I) .... Captain Count Alexei Vronsky ... Movie Still Code: 310-X
... aka Anna Karenina (UK)
Man, Woman and Sin (1927) .... Albert Whitcomb
Twelve Miles Out (1927) .... Jerry Fay
The Show (1927) .... Cock Robin
Flesh and the Devil (1926) .... Leo von Harden ... Movie Still Code: 282-X
Bardelys the Magnificent (1926) .... Bardelys
La boheme (1926) .... Rodolphe
Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ (1925) (uncredited) .... Crowd extra in chariot race
... aka Ben-Hur (USA: short title)
The Big Parade (1925) .... James Apperson
The Merry Widow (1925) .... Prince Danilo Petrovich
The Wife of the Centaur (1924) .... Jeffrey Dwyer
The Snob (1924) .... Eugene Curry
He Who Gets Slapped (1924) .... Bezano
His Hour (1924) .... Gritzko
Romance Ranch (1924) .... Carlos Brent
The Lone Chance (1924) .... Jack Saunders
A Man's Mate (1924) .... Paul
The Wolf Man (1924) .... Gerald Stanley
Married Flirts (1924)...himself, guest at party
Just Off Broadway (1924) .... Stephen Moore ... Movie Still Code: Mor3-X
Cameo Kirby (1923) .... Cameo Kirby
The Exiles (1923) .... Henry Holcombe
St. Elmo (1923/I) .... St. Elmo Thornton
Madness of Youth (1923) .... Jaca Javalie
Truxton King (1923) .... Truxton King
While Paris Sleeps (1923) .... Dennis O'Keefe
A California Romance (1922) .... Don Patricio Fernando
The Love Gambler (1922) .... Dick Manners
Calvert's Valley (1922) (as Jack Gilbert) .... Page Emlyn
... aka Calvert's Folly (UK)
Monte Cristo (1922) .... Edmond Dantes, Count of Monte Cristo
... aka The Count of Monte Cristo
Honor First (1922) .... Jacques Dubois/Honoré Duboois
The Yellow Stain (1922) .... Donald Keith
Arabian Love (1922) .... Norman Stone
Gleam O'Dawn (1922) .... Gleam O'Dawn
Ladies Must Live (1921) (as Jack Gilbert) .... The Gardener
Shame (1921) .... William Fielding/David Field
The Servant in the House (1921) (as Jack Gilbert) .... Percival
Deep Waters (1920) (as Jack Gilbert) .... Bill Lacey
The White Circle (1920) (as Jack Gilbert) .... Frank Cassilis

Should a Woman Tell? (1919) (as Jack Gilbert) .... The Villain
Heart o' the Hills (1919) (as Jack Gilbert) .... Gray Pendleton
... aka Heart of the Hills
Widow by Proxy (1919) (as Jack Gilbert) .... Jack Pennington
For a Woman's Honor (1919) .... Dick Rutherford
The Red Viper (1919) (as Jack Gilbert) .... Dick Grant
A Little Brother of the Rich (1919) .... Carl Wilmerding
The Man Beneath (1919) (as Jack Gilbert) .... James Bassett
The Busher (1919) (as Jack Gilbert) .... Jim Blair
The White Heather (1919) (as Jack Gilbert) .... Dick Beach
The Dawn of Understanding (1918) (as Jack Gilbert) .... Ira Beasley
Three X Gordon (1918) (as Jack Gilbert) .... Archie
The Mask (1918) (as Jack Gilbert) .... Billy Taylor
... aka The Mask of Riches (USA)
Doing Their Bit (1918/I) (as Jack Gilbert)
Wedlock (1918) (as Jack Gilbert) .... Granger Hollister
One Dollar Bid (1918) (as Jack Gilbert)
More Trouble (1918) (as Jack Gilbert) .... Harvey Deering
Shackled (1918) (as Jack Gilbert) .... James Ashley
Nancy Comes Home (1918) (as Jack Gilbert) .... Phil Ballou
Up or Down? (1917) (as Jack Gilbert) .... Allan Corey
The Devil Dodger (1917) (as Jack Gilbert) .... Roger Ingraham
Golden Rule Kate (1917) .... The Heller
The Mother Instinct (1917) (as Jack Gilbert) .... Jean Coutierre
The Hater of Men (1917) (as Jack Gilbert) .... Billy Williams
The Millionaire Vagrant (1917) (as Jack Gilbert) .... James Cricket
Happiness (1917) (as Jack Gilbert) .... Richard Forrester
... aka Seeking Happiness (USA)
The Dark Road (1917) (as Jack Gilbert) .... Cedric Constable
... aka The Road to Honour (UK)
Princess of the Dark (1917) (as Jack Gilbert) .... 'Crip' Halloran
The Bride of Hate (1917) (as Jack Gilbert) .... Dr. Duprez's Son
... aka Wanted for Murder, or Bride of Hate (USA: reissue title)
The Weaker Sex (1917)
The Sin Ye Do (1916) (as Jack Gilbert) .... Jimmy
Shell 43 (1916) (as Jack Gilbert) .... English Spy
... aka Shell Forty-Three (USA)
Eye of the Night (1916) (uncredited)
The Phantom (1916) (as Jack Gilbert) .... Bertie Bereton
The Apostle of Vengeance (1916) (as Jack Gilbert) .... Willie Hudson
Hell's Hinges (1916) (uncredited) .... Rowdy townsman
Bullets and Brown Eyes (1916) (as Jack Gilbert)
Matrimony (1915) ... Minor Secondary Role (uncredited)
The Aryan (1916) ... extra (uncredited)


Downstairs (story) (1932)

Love's Penalty (1921)
The Bait (1921)
Deep Waters (as Jack Gilbert) (1920)
The Great Redeemer (adaptation) (1920)
The White Circle (1920)


Love (uncredited) (1927) ... -  Movie Still Code: 310-X
Love's Penalty (1921)


Love's Penalty (1921)