~Jobyna Ralston~

Born: November 21, 1899 in South Pittsburg, Tennessee, USA
Died: January 22, 1967 in Woodland Hills, California, USA
Angelic, vulnerable-looking leading lady Jobyna Ralston was named after actress Jobyna Howland,
a favorite of her stagestruck parents. Ms. Ralston's mother, a portrait photographer, carefully
groomed her daughter for a show business career. After studying acting with Ned Wayburn and
appearing as a chorus dancer in a George M. Cohan musical, Jobyna began showing up in extra
roles in films. Her potential as a leading lady was first realized in the 1922 Max Linder comedy
Three Must-Get-Theirs. This film earned her an audition with silent film comedian Harold Lloyd,
whose previous leading lady, Mildred Davis, had retired in 1923 to become Mrs. Lloyd. Jobyna
co-starred with Lloyd in five of his best silent features: Why Worry? (1923), Hot Water (1924), Girl
Shy (1924), The Freshman (1925), For Heaven's Sake (1926), and The Kid Brother (1927). As a
freelance actress, Jobyna co-starred with her future husband, Richard Arlen, in the first
Oscar-winning film, Wings (1927). Jobyna Ralston's film career ended after two early talkies -- the
last of which, Rough Waters (1930), found Jobyna emoting opposite Rin Tin Tin.

Biography by Hal Erickson, AllMovie.com
~Silent Filmography~
~Actor~ (Movie Still Code)

Some Mother's Boy (1929) .... The Girl
The Power of the Press (1928) .... Jane Atwill
The Toilers (1928) .... Mary
Black Butterflies (1928) .... Dorinda Maxwell
... aka Butterflies (UK)
The Big Hop (1928) .... June Halloway
The Count of Ten (1928) .... Betty McKinney
The Night Flyer (1928) .... Kate Murphy
Little Mickey Grogan (1927) .... Winifred Davidson
Pretty Clothes (1927) .... Marion Dunbar
A Racing Romeo (1927) .... Sally
Wings (1927) .... Sylvia Lewis
Lightning (1927) .... Mary Warren/Topsy
Special Delivery (1927) .... Madge, The Girl
The Kid Brother (1927) .... Mary Powers
Gigolo (1926) .... Mary Hubbel
Sweet Daddies (1926) .... Mariam Finklebaum
For Heaven's Sake (1926) .... The Downtown Girl
Soft Pedal (1926) (uncredited) .... Bit Role
Don't Butt In (1926)
Between Meals (1926) (uncredited) .... Bit Role
Whispering Lions (1925) .... The Girl
Are Parents Pickles? (1925)
The Freshman (1925) .... Peggy
... aka College Days (UK)
Hot Water (1924) .... Wifey
Girl Shy (1924) .... Mary Buckingham, The Rich Girl
Dogs of War (1923) .... Herself
Winner Take All (1923) (C-42)
Why Worry? (1923) .... The Nurse
For Guests Only (1923) (D-11)
For Art's Sake (1923) (D-1)
Speed the Swede (1923) (C-73)
Bowled Over (1923) (C-80)
For Safe Keeping (1923) (C-82)
Shoot Straight (1923) (C-52)
Do Your Stuff (1923) (C-79)
Tight Shoes (1923) (C-78)
A Loose Tightwad (1923) (C-56)
Jailed and Bailed (1923) (C-77)
Once Over (1923) (C-76)
Don't Say Die (1923) (C-75)
Mr. Hyppo (1923) .... His Assistant (C-74)
Paste and Paper (1923) (C-72)
Watch Your Wife (1923) (C-71)
The White Blacksmith (1922) (C-70)
Fair Week (1922) (C-67)
I'll Take Vanilla (1922) (C-65)
Blaze Away (1922/II) (C-68)
The Flivver (1922) (C-64)
Harvest Hands (1922) (C-53)
Washed Ashore (1922) (C-66)
Shine 'Em Up! (1922) .... Okra, the Station Master's daughter (C-57)
The Golf Bug (1922) .... Daughter (C-59)
Shiver and Shake (1922) (C-62)
Out on Bail (1922) (C-51)
The Uppercut (1922) (C-60)
Face the Camera (1922) (C-58)
Soak the Sheik (1922) (C-54)
Bone Dry (1922) (C-55)
The Landlubber (1922) (C-53)
Wet Weather (1922) (C-50)
Rough on Romeo (1922) .... Verbena (C-49)
The Three Must-Get-Theres (1922) .... Constance Bonne-aux-Fieux
The Truth Juggler (1922) (C-44)
Touch All the Bases (1922) (C-48)
Take Next Car (1922) (C-47)
The Bride-to-Be (1922) (C-46)
Friday, the Thirteenth (1922/II) (C-43)
The Call of Home (1922) .... Clem
A Sailor-Made Man (1921) (uncredited) .... Bit Part ... Movie Still Code: L-14
Bride and Broom (1921)
Humor Risk (1921) .... Heroine
Ball Bearing, But Hard Running (1920)

The Shimmy Jim (1919)
The Sultan of Djazz (1919)
Starting Out in Life (1919) (as Juliana Ralston)