~Jewel Carmen~

Born: July 13, 1897 in Danville, Kentucky, USA
Died: March 4, 1984 (age 86) in San Diego, California, USA
The Bat (1926) ... Miss Dale Ogden
You Can't Get Away with It (uncredited)(1924)
Nobody (1921) ... Little Mrs. Smith
The Silver Lining (1921) ... The Angel

Lawless Love (1918) ... LaBelle Geraldine
Fallen Angel (1918) ... Jill Cummings
Confession (1918) ... Mary Anderson
The Bride of Fear (1918) ... Ann Carter
The Girl with the Champagne Eyes (1918) ... Nellie Proctor
The Kingdom of Love (1917) ... Violet Carson
Les Misérables (1917) ... Cosette at age 18
When a Man Sees Red (1917) ... Violet North
The Conqueror (1917) ... Eliza Allen
To Honor and Obey (1917) ... Rose Delvane
American Methods (1917) ... Claire de Beaulieu
A Tale of Two Cities (1917) ... Lucie Manette
American Aristocracy (1916) ... Geraldine Hicks
Manhattan Madness (1916) ... The Girl
Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages (1916) ... Favorite of the Harem (uncredited)
The Half-Breed (1916) ... Nellie
Flirting with Fate (1916) ... Gladys - the Girl
The Children in the House (1916) ... Jane Courtenay
Sunshine Dad (1916) ... Charlotte
Daphne and the Pirate (as Jewell Carman) (1916)
Cohen Saves the Flag (Short) (1913) ... Minor Role (uncredited)
Four Queens and a Jack (Short) (1913) ... Evelyn - the Girl (as Evelyn Quick)
He and Himself (Short) (1913) ... The Girl (as Evelyn Quick)
Professional Jealousy (Short) (1913) ... Miss Highscreechi, the Soprano (as Evelyn Quick)
The Knight of Her Dreams (Short) (1913) ... Evelyn (as Evelyn Quick)
The Gangsters (Short) (1913) ... Girl (uncredited)
That Ragtime Band (Short) (1913) ... Woman in Audience (uncredited)
Cupid in a Dental Parlor (Short) (1913) ... Ethel Parks (as Evelyn Quick)
Those Good Old Days (Short) (1913) ... Lady of the Court (uncredited)
A Wife Wanted (Short) (1913) ... Girl (as Evelyn Quick)
The Two Widows (Short) (1913) ... 2nd Widow (as Evelyn Quick)
A Strong Revenge (Short) (1913) ... Party Guest (as Evelyn Quick)
The Professor's Daughter (Short) (1913) ... The Professor's Daughter (as Evelyn Quick)
A Son's Example (Short) (1912) ... Edith - the Bank President's Daughter (as Florence La Vinci)
The Will of Destiny (Short) (1912) ... Alice (as Florence La Vinci)
Barely out of school when she began her screen career with the old Keystone comedy factory in
Edendale, Jewel Carmen changed her name from Evelyn Quick when a scandal involving sexual proclivity
threatened to destroy her burgeoning career. With a new moniker, the spectacularly blonde Carmen was
cast opposite brunette Alma Rubens in "The Half-Breed" (1916), both vying for the favors of Douglas
Fairbanks, and she was a beautiful and regal Lucia Manette opposite William Farnum's Charles
Darnay/Sydney Carton in "A Tale of Two Cities." At the height of her screen career, 1917-1918, Carmen
starred or co-starred in no less than nine feature films, but fame proved fleeting and her box-office
potential had been exhausted by 1920. Her husband, director Roland West, cast her in a prominent role
in his seminal haunted house thriller "The Bat" (1926), but it was truly a last hurrah and she retired soon
after. Estranged from West but residing in the hills right above the Pacific Coast Highway restaurant he
operated with comedienne Thelma Todd, Carmen received heaps of unwanted publicity in December
1935, when the vivacious Miss Todd was found dead from carbon monoxide poisoning in her garage. The
death was ruled accidental but rumors of foul play -- most of them with no foundation whatsoever --
persist to this very day.

Biography by Hans J. Wollstein, AllMovie.com