~Java Head~
~510-2/1: Leatrice Joy~
~Plot Synopsis~
Gerrit Ammidon sails for China believing that a feud between his father and Nettie Vollar's
grandfather, Barzil Dunsack, has ruined any chance of his future happiness with Nettie. In Shanghai
he rescues Manchu Princess Taou Yuen from a band of ruffians, then-given the choice of marriage
or her death-makes her his wife. When they return to Java Head, the Ammidon family home in
Salem, Massachusetts, Nettie falls ill at the news of his marriage. Gerrit is persuaded to visit Nettie,
and he confesses his true love for her. Dope addict Edward Dunsack reveals this to Taou Yuen,
whereupon she takes an overdose of opium and dies. Gerrit and Nettie marry and sail away.  

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Directed by: George Melford

Written by:
Waldemar Young - story and adaptation

Based on the novel Java Head by Joseph Hergesheimer (New York, 1919).

Leatrice Joy ...  Taou Yuen
Jacqueline Logan ...  Nettie Vollar
Frederick Strong ...  Jeremy Ammidon
Alan Roscoe ...  Gerrit Ammidon
Arthur Stuart Hull ...  William Ammidon
Rose Tapley ...  Rhoda Ammidon
Violet Axzelle ...  Laurel Ammidon
Audrey Berry ...  Sidsall Ammidon
Polly Archer ...  Camilla Ammidon
Betty Bronson ...  Janet Ammidon
George Fawcett ...  Barzil Dunsack
Raymond Hatton ...  Edward Dunsack
Helen Lindroth ...  Kate Vollar
Daniel Pennell ...  Broadrick
George Stevens ...  Butler
Mimi Sherwood ...  Maid
Frances Hatton ...  Nurse
~510-138: Leatrice Joy~
~510-2178: Frederick Strong, Jacqueline Logan & Leatrice Joy~
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: Famous Players-Lasky Corporation

Released by: Paramount Pictures

Cinematography by: Bert Glennon
Assistant Camera: Charles G. Clarke
Still Photographer: Charles G. Clarke
Presenter: Jesse L. Lasky

Length: 8 Reels
Runtime: 80 minutes
Released: February 25, 1923
~510-2/54: Leatrice Joy~