~Jane Novak~

Born: January 12, 1896 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Died: February 3, 1990 in Woodland Hills, CA, USA
~Colorized Albert Witzel Portrait of Jane
~Silent Filmography~
Redskin (1929) .... Judith Stearns
Free Lips (1928) .... Flossie Moore
What Price Love? (1927) .... Ruth Randall
Closed Gates (1927) .... Alice Winston
One Increasing Purpose (1927) .... Alice Paris
Whispering Canyon (1926) .... Antonia Lee
Lost at Sea (1926) .... Natalie Travers
Share and Share Alike (1925) .... Marcia Maynard
The Lure of the Wild (1925) .... Agnes Belmont
Lazybones (1925) .... Agnes Fanning
The Substitute Wife (1925) .... Hilda Nervers
Die Prinzessin und der Geiger (1925) .... Prinzessin Maria Idourska/Princess Marie Idourska
... aka The Blackguard
The Danger Signal (1925) .... Mary Browning
Two Shall Be Born (1924) .... Countess Mayra Zuleska
The Man Without a Heart (1924) .... Barbara Wier
The Prude's Fall (1924) .... Beatrice Audley
... aka Dangerous Virtue (USA)
The Lullaby (1924) .... Felipa/Antoinette
The Man Life Passed By (1923) .... Hope Moore
Jealous Husbands (1923) .... Alice Martinez
... aka Jealous Fools (USA)
Divorce (1923) .... Jane Parker
Thelma (1922) .... Thelma Guildmar
The Snowshoe Trail (1922) .... Virginia Tremont
Colleen of the Pines (1922) .... Joan Cameron
Belle of Alaska (1922) .... Ruth Harkin
The Rosary (1922) .... Vera Mather
The Soul of a Woman (1922)
Kazan (1921) .... Joan Radisson
Three Word Brand (1921) .... Ethel Barton
Roads of Destiny (1921) .... Ann Hardy
The Barbarian (1921) .... Floria Heatherton
The Other Woman (1921) .... Naomi Joyce
Isobel or The Trail's End (1920) .... Isobel Dean
... aka Isobel
... aka The Trail's End
The Golden Trail (1920) .... 'Faro' Kate/Jane Sunderlin
The Great Accident (1920) .... Joan Caretall
The River's End (1920) .... Miriam Kirkstone
... aka River's End (USA)

Behind the Door (1919) .... Alice Morse
The Wolf (1919) .... Hilda MacTavish
Wagon Tracks (1919) .... Jane Washburn
Man's Desire (1919) .... Mary Larkin
His Debt (1919) .... Gloria Manning
The Fire Flingers (1919) .... Winifred Olwell
The Money Corral (1919) .... Rose
Treat 'Em Rough (1919) .... Mary Radford
String Beans (1918) .... Jean Morris
The Temple of Dusk (1918) .... Ruth Vale
A Nine O'Clock Town (1918) .... Katherine Farrell
The Claws of the Hun (1918) .... Virginia Lee
Selfish Yates (1918) .... Mary Adams
The Tiger Man (1918) .... Ruth Ingram
The Innocent Sinner (1917) .... Jane Murray
Eyes of the World (1917) .... Sybil Andres, Nature
The Spirit of '76 (1917) .... Cecil Steuart
The Iron Hand (1916) .... Enid Winslow
The Target (1916) .... Nita
Graft (1915) .... Dorothy Maxwell
The White Scar (1915) .... Janet
The Greater Courage (1915/I)
The Kiss of Dishonor (1915)
A Little Brother of the Rich (1915) .... Sylvia Castle
The Scarlet Sin (1915) .... Cecelia Nortn
... aka The Shepherd of the Mines (alternative title)
All on Account of Towser (1915)
Hunting a Husband (1915)
Her Mysterious Escort (1915)
The Hungry Actors (1915)
... aka Into the Light (USA)
From Italy's Shores (1915)
Just Nuts (1915) .... The Pretty Girl
Her Gethsemane (1915)
The Other Man's Wife (1915)
Willie Runs the Park (1915) .... The Pretty Girl
The Worthier Man (1915)
Tainted Money (1915)
Ann, the Blacksmith (1914)
Mareea, the Foster Mother (1914)
When the Gods Forgive (1914)
An Innocent Delilah (1914)
Detective and Matchmaker (1914)
Maria's Sacrifice (1914)
Hunger Knows No Law (1914)
Out in Happy Hollow (1914) .... A Dancer
Johanna, the Barbarian (1914)
Mareea the Half-Breed (1914)
A Little Madonna (1914)
The Kiss (1914) .... Mazie, a saleslady
The Ghosts (1914)
... aka The Ghosts; or, Who's Afraid? (USA: copyright title)
Ginger's Reign (1914)
The Return of Jack Bellew (1914)
Any Port in a Storm (1913)
Sacrifice (1913/II)
Deception (1913)
At the Sign of the Lost Angel (1913)
Anne of the Trails (1913) (uncredited) .... Undetermined Role
The older and more successful of the two Novak sisters (Eva Novak also appeared in films), Jane
Novak became known as the strong outdoorsy type and was often cast in Northwest melodramas. A
niece, by marriage, of actress Anne Seymour, Novak was awarded a contract by the Kalem company
in 1913, mainly because she resembled "a blonde Alice Joyce." Earning ten dollars a week for her
services, Novak appeared in a couple of rough-and-tumble one-reelers before switching to the more
prominent Vitagraph company, where she was awarded a well-deserved raise and starring roles
opposite the likes of Jack Mower, William Duncan, and Western favorite Myrtle Gonzales.

She did several comedies for novice producer Hal Roach opposite a very young Harold Lloyd
(Willie's Haircut) [1914], Just Nuts [1915], etc.) and cowboy actor Roy Stewart, but became a star
opposite William S. Hart in five top-notch Westerns between 1918 and 1921. Persistent rumors
teamed the two in private life as well and Novak divorced her husband, actor Frank Newburg. Hart,
however, married another of his leading ladies, Winifred Westover, and the association with Novak
came to an abrupt halt.

Now firmly established as a Western heroine, Novack also appeared opposite Tom Mix (The Coming
of the Law [1919]) and Monroe Salisbury (the still extant The Barbarian [1920])) and headlined
several independent productions set either in Alaska or the Canadian wilderness (The Trail's End
[1920], The Snowshoe Trail [1922], The Lure of the Wild [1925]). She scored a personal triumph in
the society melodrama Thelma (1922) as a Norwegian peasant girl falling for a British aristocrat and
earned equally fine reviews for The Lullaby (1925) as a wrongly convicted girl whose child is taken
from her in prison. Making three films in the U.K. in 1925, she met future director Alfred Hitchock,
who became a lifelong friend (she would later play a small role in his second Hollywood film Foreign
Correspondent [1940]), but then concentrated mainly on raising her daughter with Newburg.

From 1936, Novak was among scores of former silent stars offered bit parts and extra work in major
studio films and she would pop up in many (mostly) unbilled bit roles through at least 1954. In 1989,
she was one of the celebrities interviewed for the documentary Harold Lloyd: The Third Genius. She
died of a stroke at the Motion Picture Country Hospital in Woodland Hills, CA, less than a year later.

Biography by Hans J. Wollstein, AllMovie.com