~Jack Sherrill~

Born: April 14, 1898 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Died: November 26, 1973 in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
~Autographed Portrait of Jack Sherrill~
~Silent Filmography~
Mother Eternal (1921) .... Edward Stevens Jr
The Invisible Ray (1920) .... Jack Stone

The Profiteer (1919) .... Tom Merritt
Once to Every Man (1918) .... Denny Bolton
The Crucible of Life (1918) .... Robert Dorset
The Silent Witness (1917) .... Travers
God's Man (1917) .... Pink
The Accomplice (1917) .... Dick Harcourt
... aka The Dark Hand (USA: reissue title)
The Rainbow (1917) .... Dick Harcourt
The Witching Hour (1916) .... Clay Whipple
The Conquest of Canaan (1916) .... Joe Louden
Then I'll Come Back to You (1916) .... Steve O'Mara
The Woman in 47 (1916) .... Reporter
Body and Soul (1915) .... Charles Houghton
John Glayde's Honor (1915) .... Undetermined Role
... aka John Glayde's Honour (UK)
... aka The Man's Honor (USA: reissue title)
Just Out of College (1915) .... Silvers Mason
The Builder of Bridges (1915) (as Jack B. Sherrill) .... Arnold Faringay
A stock company juvenile of the early 1910s, handsome Jack Sherrill became a leading man for the
Frohman Amusement Corp. through a bit of nepotism. The son of Frohman's treasurer, William L.
Sherrill, Jack Sherrill appeared in such melodramas as The Witching Hour (1916), The Accomplice,
and, most notably, Frohman's 15-chapter science fiction serial The Invisible Ray, which he also
co-directed with Harry A. Pollard. He retired from films in 1921.

Written by Hans J. Wollstein - Allmovie.com