~Jackie Coogan~

Born: October 26, 1914 in Los Angeles, CA, USA
Died: March 1, 1984 in Santa Monica, CA, USA
~Promotional photographs of Jackie Coogan and Miss Los
Angeles @ The New Years Day Rose Parade~
~Promotional photograph of Jackie Coogan
with Golf Professional Gene Sarazan~
~Silent Filmography~
Buttons (1927) .... Buttons
The Bugle Call (1927) .... Billy Randolph
Johnny Get Your Hair Cut (1927) .... Johnny O'Day
Old Clothes (1925) .... Timothy Kelly
The Rag Man (1925) .... Tim Kelly
Hello, 'Frisco (1924) ... Himself
Little Robinson Crusoe (1924) .... Mickey Hogan
... aka Robinson Crusoe Jr.
A Boy of Flanders (1924) .... Nello
Long Live the King (1923) .... Crown Prince Ferdinand William Otto
Circus Days (1923) .... Toby Tyler
Daddy (1923) .... Jackie Savelli/Jackie Holden
Oliver Twist (1922) .... Oliver Twist
Trouble (1922) .... Danny, the Kid
... aka Trouble, Keep Smiling (USA)
Nice and Friendly (1922) .... Boy
My Boy (1921) .... Jackie Blair
Peck's Bad Boy (1921) .... 'Peck's Bad Boy' (Henry Peck)
The Kid (1921) (as Jack Coogan) .... The Kid

A Day's Pleasure (1919) .... Smallest Boy
... aka A Ford Story (USA)
Skinner's Baby (1917) (uncredited) .... The Baby
Jackie Coogan rocketed to child stardom trailing after Charlie Chaplin in "The Kid" and was later
known to a new generation as the comically ghoulish Uncle Fester on television's "Addams

Although his best earning years were in childhood (when his salary topped a then-fabulous
$22,000 a week), Coogan's greatest impact on the motion picture industry may have come in
1938, when a lawsuit seeking to recover his squandered fortune from his mother and stepfather
led to passage of a law popularly known as the "Coogan Act."

by Ted Thackrey Jr.
~Los Angeles Times~
March 2, 1984