~Irene Rich~

Born: October 13, 1891 in Buffalo, New York, USA
Died: April 22, 1988 in Hope Ranch, California, USA
~Silent Filmography~
~February 1, 1935~


~Versatile Irene Rich, former star of stage and
screen, who now has a new role for radio
listeners each Friday at her Irene Rich for Welch
broadcasts over an NBC-WJZ network.  Heard
in a microphone serial during the Fall, Miss Rich
has started the New Year with a series of
original dramas which she enjoys for the varied
demands made upon her acting ability.~
~August 20, 1938~


~New York...Charming Irene Rich, dramatic
star of the radio achieves a stunning contrast for
her slim black chiffon evening gown by girdling
it with a wide roman striped satin ribbon. The
low-healed suede slippers, of ancient Persian
inspiration, feature the same shades as the belt
- royal blue, apple green, Chinese red and
smoke grey, the short bolero is of blue fox.~
~June 9, 1936~


NBC juvenile and Irene Rich pose on the deck of
Walter's cabin cruiser Static following the
christening by Miss Rich. Young Tetley's boat was
delivered to him at pier 90, the Queen Mary's
dock, immediately after the great liner left on the
return lap of her maiden voyage. A host of the
youngster's radio friends turned out for the
occasion and joined him in a cruise on the
~The Los Angeles Times, 1988~
Irene Rich was a glamorous actress who played Will Rogers' nagging wife in 1930s films and read
radio's World War II-era "Dear John" letters.

She was a San Francisco real estate agent before she got her first movie job as an extra in Mary
Pickford's "Stella Maris" in 1918.

Soon, she had graduated to starring roles in silent melodramas, usually portraying mature women
of the world, and in short films with Rogers.

By the late 1920s and early 1930s, she was playing Will Rogers' wife in talkies, including "They Had
to See Paris," "So This is London" and "Down to Earth."

From 1933 to 1945, she was a popular radio star, reading "Dear John" letters to introduce and close
Sunday-night episodes on the Welch's Grape Juice program.

The term "Dear John" became soldiers' slang for mail from a lover breaking off a romance.

Later, Rich appeared in 21 Warner Bros. movies—including "Lady Windermere's Fan" in 1925,
"Craig's Wife" in 1928 and "The Champ" in 1931. She also performed in several Broadway shows.

She retired from show business after her fourth marriage, to George H. Clifford, in 1950.

— Judy Pasternak in the Los Angeles Times April 25, 1988
They Had to See Paris (1929) .... Mrs. Idy Peters
The Exalted Flapper (1929) .... Queen Charlotte of Capra
Daughters of Desire (1929)
Shanghai Rose (1929) .... Shanghai Rose
Ned McCobb's Daughter (1928) .... Carol
Craig's Wife (1928) .... Mrs. Craig
Women They Talk About (1928) .... Irene Mervin Hughes
Perfect Crime (1928) .... Stella
... aka The Perfect Crime (USA: poster title)
Powder My Back (1928) .... Fritzi Foy
Across the Atlantic (1928) (uncredited) (unconfirmed) .... Undetermined Role
Beware of Married Men (1928) .... Myra Martin
The Silver Slave (1927) .... Bernice Randall
The Desired Woman (1927) .... Diana Maxwell
Dearie (1927) .... Sylvia Darling/Dearie
The Climbers (1927) .... Duchess of Arrogan
Don't Tell the Wife (1927) .... Mrs. Cartier
My Official Wife (1926) .... Hélène, Countess Orloff
The Honeymoon Express (1926) .... Mary Lambert
Silken Shackles (1926) .... Denise Lake
Lady Windermere's Fan (1925) .... Mrs. Erlynne
Pleasure Buyers (1925) .... Joan Wiswell
Compromise (1925) .... Joan Trevore
The Wife Who Wasn't Wanted (1925) .... Mrs. John Mannering ... Movie Still Code: 270-X
Eve's Lover (1925) .... Eva Burnside
The Man Without a Conscience (1925) .... Shirley Graves
My Wife and I (1925) .... Mrs. James Borden
A Lost Lady (1924) .... Marian Forrester
This Woman (1924) .... Carol Drayton
Behold This Woman (1924) .... Louise Maurel
A Woman Who Sinned (1924) .... Mrs. Ransdell
Captain January (1924) .... Isabelle Morton
Being Respectable (1924) .... Suzanne Schuyler
Cytherea (1924) .... Fanny Randon  
... aka The Forbidden Way (USA)
Beau Brummel (1924) .... Frederica Charlotte, Duchess of York
Pal o' Mine (1924) .... Julia Montfort
What the Butler Saw (1924) .... Mrs. Barrington
Boy of Mine (1923) .... Ruth Latimer
Lucretia Lombard (1923) .... Lucretia Morgan  
... aka Flaming Passion
Defying Destiny (1923) .... Beth Alden
Rosita (1923) .... The Queen
Yesterday's Wife (1923) .... Megan Daye
Michael O'Halloran (1923) .... Nellie Minturn
Snowdrift (1923) .... Kitty (story)
Brass (1923) .... Mrs. Grotenberg aka Mrs. G.
Dangerous Trails (1923) .... Grace Alderson
The Marriage Chance (1922) .... Mary Douglas
While Justice Waits (1922) .... Nell Hunt
Brawn of the North (1922) .... Marion Wells
The Ropin' Fool (1922) .... The Girl
The Yosemite Trail (1922) .... Eve Marsham
A Fool There Was (1922) .... Mrs. Schuyler
One Clear Call (1922) .... Maggie Thornton
The Trap (1922) .... The Teacher
... aka Heart of a Wolf (UK)
Strength of the Pines (1922) .... Linda
The Call of Home (1922) .... Alix Lansing
The Poverty of Riches (1921) .... Mrs. Holt
The Invisible Power (1921) .... Laura Chadwick
Desperate Trails (1921) .... Mrs. Walker
A Voice in the Dark (1921) .... Blanche Walton ... Movie Still Code: 125-X
A Tale of Two Worlds (1921) .... Mrs. Carmichael
Boys Will Be Boys (1921) .... Lucy
One Man in a Million (1921) .... Madame Maureveau
Sunset Jones (1921) .... Marion Rand
Godless Men (1920) .... Undetermined Role
Just Out of College (1920) .... Miss Jones
Stop Thief (1920) .... Madge Carr
Jes' Call Me Jim (1920) .... Miss Butterworth
The Strange Boarder (1920) .... Jane Ingraham
The Street Called Straight (1920) .... Drusilla Fane
Water, Water Everywhere (1920) .... Hope Beecher

The Spite Bride (1919) .... Eileen Moore
Her Purchase Price (1919) .... Marda
Wolves of the Night (1919) .... Juanita
The Blue Bonnet (1919) .... Martha Drake
The Sneak (1919) .... Enid Granley
The Lone Star Ranger (1919) .... Mrs. Laramie
Castles in the Air (1919) .... Mrs. Owen Pauncefort
The Silver Girl (1919) .... Julia Raymond
A Man in the Open (1919) .... Kate
Todd of the Times (1919) .... Janet Milton
A Law Unto Herself (1918) .... Stephanie
The Girl in His House (1918) .... Betty Burlingham
A Desert Wooing (1918) (uncredited) .... Bit Role