~I Am The Law~
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Robert Fitzgerald, a Royal Mounted Policeman, rescues Joan Cameron from the evil clutches of
dancehall owner Fu Chang, but she falls in love with Tom, Robert's brother, who is carrying on an
affair with another officer's wife. Discovered by the husband, Tom apparently kills him; and Bob,
believing himself to be dying and that Joan loves Tom, assumes responsibility for the crime and signs
a confession. Although Bob recovers, his brother announces his death. When Bob reappears, Tom
arrests him; and Bob is about to be lynched when Joan forces a confession from the widow of the
slain officer. Tom commits suicide, and Joan realizes her love for Bob.  

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Alice Lake ...  Joan Cameron
Kenneth Harlan ...  Cpl. Bob Fitzgerald
Rosemary Theby ...  Mrs. Georges Mordeaux
Gaston Glass ...  Ralph Fitzgerald
Noah Beery ...  Sgt. Georges Mordeaux
Wallace Beery ...  Fu Chang
Directed by: Edwin Carewe

Written by: Raymond L. Schrock

Based on the short story "The Poetic Justice of Uko San" by James Oliver
Curwood in Outing (June 1910).
~Plot Synopsis~
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Edwin Carewe Productions

Distribution Company: Affiliated Distributors

Executive Producer: Edwin Carewe
Cinematography by: Robert Kurrle
Presenter: C.C. Burr

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Released: June 1, 1922