~I Am Guilty~
~Plot Synopsis~
Chorus girl Connie (Louise Glaum) meets eminent lawyer Robert MacNair (Mahlon Hamilton) at a
supper party, and after falling in love they are married. Four years later, though still in love, MacNair
neglects her. While he is away on business, her friend from the old days, Molly May (May Hopkins),
invites her to a party. Connie, who misses her old life, decides to go under an assumed name. Teddy
Garrick, the host (Joseph Kilgour), makes a play for her and she burns her shoulder trying to get
away from him. Dillon, a burglar who is hiding in the house (George Cooper), surreptitiously presses
a gun into Connie's hand from behind a curtain. As Garrick comes toward her he is shot dead. Dillon
is caught and charged with the crime. His friend, London Hattie (Ruth Stonehouse), asks MacNair to
defend him. Connie is haunted by the events at the party, and she is convinced she killed Garrick.
Just as she confesses her guilt to the judge, MacNair shows up with evidence proving that the real
killer is Trixie, Garrick's jealous mistress (Claire Du Brey). The gun that Connie was holding had
never fired.

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Directed by: Jack Nelson

Written by: Bradley King - screenplay & story

Louise Glaum ...  Connie MacNair
Mahlon Hamilton ...  Robert MacNair
Claire Du Brey ...  Trixie
Joseph Kilgour ...  Teddy Garrick
Ruth Stonehouse ...  London Hattie
Mae Hopkins ...  Molly May
George Cooper ...  Dillon
Michael D. Moore ...  The Child
Frederick Ko Vert ...  The Dancer
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: J. Parker Read Jr. Productions

Distribution Company: Associated Producers Inc.

Cinematography by: Charles J. Stumar

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 minutes
Released: May 1921
~George Cooper (behind curtain), Joseph Kilgour & Louise Glaum~
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