~Human Wreckage~
~139-A-28: James Kirkwood~
~Plot Synopsis~
"Treats the evils of drugs, pointing out the disasters which visit several figures in general and the
MacFarlands in particular. The husband is an attorney who suffers a nervous breakdown. Becomes
addicted to morphine and his efforts to shake off the habit are fruitless until he realizes that his
wife is encouraged to take up the habit because of his weakness and the futility of trying to cope
with it." ( Motion Picture News , 14 Jul 1923.)   
Directed by:
John Griffith Wray
Dorothy Davenport

Written by:
Dorothy Davenport - uncredited
C. Gardner Sullivan - writer

Dorothy Davenport ...  Ethel MacFarland (as Mrs. Wallace Reid)
James Kirkwood ...  Alan MacFarland
Bessie Love ...  Mary Finnegan
George Hackathorne ...  Jimmy Brown
Claire McDowell ...  Mrs. Brown
Robert McKim ...  Dr. Hillman
Harry Northrup ...  Steve Stone
Victory Bateman ...  Mother Finnegan
Eric Mayne ...  Dr. Blake
Otto Hoffman ...  Harris
Philip Sleeman ...  Dunn
George Clark ...  The Baby
Lucille Ricksen ...  Ginger
Mrs. Chester Ashley ...  Herself - Educator
Benjamin Bledsoe ...  Himself - US Judge - 12th Federal District
Brigadier C.R. Boyd ...  Himself - Salvation Army Worker
John P. Carter ...  Himself - Former Internal Revenue Collector
George E. Cryer ...  Himself - Mayor of Los Angeles
Mrs. Chas. F. Gray ...  Herself - Parent Teachers Assn.
Martha Nelson McCan ...  Herself - LA Park Commissioner
Dr. L.M. Powers ...  Himself - L.A. Health Commissioner
R.B. von Kleinsmid ...  Himself - President - University of Southern California
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: Thomas H. Ince Corporation

Released by: Film Booking Offices of America (FBO)

Produced by: Dorothy Davenport
Cinematography by: Henry Sharp
Fight Choreographer: Ralph Faulkner

Length: 8 Reels
Runtime: 80 Minutes
Released: June 17, 1923