Honor Thy Name
Directed by: Charles Giblyn

Written by: J.G. Hawks

Frank Keenan
Louise Glaum ... Viola Bretagne, 'The Moth'
Charles Ray
Gertrude Claire ... Mrs. Carey
Harvey Clark ... Uncle Tobey
George Fisher ... Jack Deering
Aggie Herring ... Viola's Mother
Dorcas Matthews ... Rosita
Jack Vosburgh ... Undetermined Role
Blanche White ... Rosalee Carey
~Remaining Credits~

Production Companies:
Kay-Bee Pictures
New York Motion Picture

Distribution Company:
Triangle Distributing

Produced by: Thomas H. Ince
Cinematography by: Dal Clawson
Art Direction by: Robert Brunton
Assistant Director: Billie Carr

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: August 6, 1916
~Plot Synopsis~
Colonel Slocum Castleton (Frank Keenan) of Virginia sends his son Rodney (Charles Ray) to New York to
get an education, but instead he marries Viola Bretagne (Louise Glaum), who successfully plays the
ingenue for her new husband but cannot keep Slocum from recognizing her as a vamp. When the couple
comes to Virginia, Slocum offers to pay Viola to leave Rodney, but she always refuses. Then, after
announcing that she is pregnant, Viola suggests that Slocum give her $20,000 in exchange for a
separation of indeterminate length. From this offer, Slocum realizes that there is only one way to get rid
of Viola permanently, and as part of his plan, he agrees to pay the money. The next day, he asks her to
accompany him to the bank to make the withdrawal, and then, while they are riding together in his
carriage, Slocum drives the horses off a cliff and sacrifices his own life in order to kill Viola.
~Frank Keenan, Blanche White, Gertrude Claire and Charles Ray~
~Charles Ray, Louise Glaum, Harry Keenan, Blanche White and Gertrude Claire~