~His People~
~4304-2: Blanche Mehaffey & George Lewis~

Rudolph Scildkraut...David Cominsky
Rose Rosanova...Rose Cominsky
Robert Gordon...Sammy Cominsky, as a child
George J. Lewis...Sammy Cominsky
Albert Bushland...Morris Cominsky, as a child
Arthur Lubin...Morris Cominsky
Jean Johnson...Marrie Shannon, as a child
Blanche Mehaffey...Marrie Shannon
Kate Price...Kate Shannon
Virginia Brown Faire...Ruth Stein
Nat Carr...Chaim Barowitz
Bertram Marburgh...Judge Nathan Stein
Sidney Franklin...Levensky
Edgar Kennedy...Thomas Nolan
Rolfe Sedan...Dinner Guest
Charles Sullivan...The Champion
Harry Tenbrook...Mike
Directed by: Edward Sloman

Written by:
Isadore Bernstein   story
Alfred A. Cohn   adaptation, screenplay & titles
Charles E. Whittaker   adaptation & screenplay
Rabbi Cominsky, the father of two sons, ekes out a living in New York's Lower East Side as a
pushcart peddler. He favors the studious and ambitious Morris, the elder, who wants to be a lawyer,
rather than the loyal Sammy, who sells papers and who helps put his older brother through college.
Cominsky finds out that Sammy has become a prizefighter under the name "Battling Rooney" and
drives him out of the house. Morris demands that his father buy him a dress suit, so Cominsky
pawns his overcoat to get one (which Morris throws in an ashcan) and becomes seriously ill from
exposure to the cold. Cominsky passes the crisis but is told he must go to a warmer climate. Morris,
meanwhile, has become engaged to marry Ruth Stein, his boss's daughter, but is ashamed of his
parentage. Cominsky arrives at the engagement party, and Morris refuses to acknowledge his own
father. Sammy, after winning the lightweight championship, faces up to his brother, denounces him,
and drags him home. Morris, realizing his sin, begs and receives forgiveness. Cominsky
acknowledges his gratitude to Sammy and gives his blessing to Sammy's Irish sweetheart, Mamie.  

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~Plot Synopsis~
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Produced & Released by: Universal Pictures

Original Music by: Edward Kilenyi
Cinematography by: Max Dupont
Carl Laemmle

Length: 9 Reels
Runtime: 93 Minutes
Released: November 1, 1925