~High And Dizzy~
~Plot Synopsis~
Harold Lloyd runs afoul of some bootleg hootch in this two-reel comedy. When his friend (Roy
Brooks) shows him a little distillery he has hidden away in his office, Harold is fascinated. But while
they're admiring one of the bottles, the cork pops out and the liquor begins to run over. The two
men have no choice but to drink it, of course. Harold and his pal then embark on a number of wild,
drunken adventures which eventually lead them up to the ledge of a skyscraper. Things get really
interesting when Harold encounters a pretty sleepwalker (Mildred Davis) hundreds of feet above
the sidewalk. Although he's none too steady himself, Harold does his best to come to her rescue.
After more than a few moments of clumsiness and thrills, he looks down at the street and this
sobers him up quick. Any similarity between the stunts in this film and some of those in Safety Last
are probably not a coincidence.

Plot Synopsis from allmovie.com
Directed by: Hal Roach

Written by: Frank Terry - story

Harold Lloyd ...  The Boy
Roy Brooks ...  His Friend
Mildred Davis ...  The Girl
Wallace Howe ...  Her Father
William Gillespie ...  (uncredited)
Mark Jones ...  (uncredited)
Gaylord Lloyd ...  (uncredited)
Charles Stevenson ...  (uncredited)
Noah Young ...  (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Rolin Films

Distribution Company:
Pathé Exchange

Producers: Hal Roach
Cinematography by: Walter Lundin
Title Designer: H.M. Walker

Runtime: 26 Minutes
Released: July 11, 1920