~Her Sister From Paris~
~C.T. 35-34: George K. Arthur & Constance Talmadge~

Constance Talmadge ...  Helen Weyringer & Lola
Ronald Colman ...  Joseph Weyringer
George K. Arthur ...  Robert Well
Gertrude Claire ...  Bertha, the Housekeeper*
Mario Carillo ...  The King (uncredited)
Ellinor Vanderveer ...  Theatre Patron (uncredited)

*According to Photoplay magazine, The role of Bertha was played by Margaret Mann.
Directed by: Sidney Franklin

Written by: Hanns Kräly

Based on the play by Ludwig Fulda.
It's a bad, naughty story Hans Kraly of a dull wife who wins back her indifferent husband by posing
as her dashing twin sister. Not exactly new but so funny and charmingly acted that you forgive all its
waywardness. The dual role is  wonderfully handled by Constance Talmadge. We usually object to
dual roles, but Constance is skilled enough to get away with it. And Ronald Colman distinguishes
himself in a comedy part. Any fellow can be handsome, with Nature's help, but it takes brains to be
amusing. George K. Arthur is great as the "keeper of the monocles and marmalade at the British
It's all around entertainment, which you must be sure to see, but also be sure that the children stay
home and do their home work.

- A. S. - Photoplay Magazine
~Photoplay Magazine, November 1925~
~C. T. 35-81: Constance Talmadge & Ronald Colman~
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Joseph M. Schenck Productions

Released by: First National Pictures

Cinematography by: Arthur Edeson
Art Direction by: William Cameron Menzies
Costume Design by: Adrian
Assistant Director: Scott R. Beal

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 minutes
Released: August 2, 1925
~C.T. 35-42: Constance Talmadge~
~C.T. 35-82: Ronald Colman & Constance Talmadge~