~Her Boy Friend~
~718-9: Frank Alexander, Larry Semon, Alma Bennett & Oliver Hardy~
~718-22: Larry Semon & Dorothy Dwan~
~Plot Synopsis~
After the disappointing full-length feature The Girl in the Limousine, comedian-turned-director
Larry Semon returned to the two-reel format, at least for a while (coming up was Semon's flawed
epic The Wizard of Oz). To keep the slapstick moving at an even more heightened pace, Semon used
both of his favorite "heavies" -- Oliver Hardy and Frank Alexander. Another fine addition was
Semon's new wife, Dorothy Dwan, who reportedly did many of her own stunts. Slim Chance
(Alexander) and the Killer Kid (Hardy) are rum runners, and as a front they use a club called the
Dropem Inn. A girl detective by the name of Iva Method (Dwan) goes to investigate, but the bad guys
figure out her game and hold her hostage. The police chief assigns his son, Larry, and his partner,
Headquarters Hank (Fred Spencer), to bring in the rum runners, but the villains get wise to them,
too. Iva gets away and teams up with Larry to escape, but they are captured once again and taken to
the bad guys' ship. They make a daring escape and Larry proposes, only to discover that Iva is
already married to Hank.

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Directed & Written by:
Larry Semon
Noel M. Smith

Larry Semon ...  Larry, the Chief's son
Dorothy Dwan ...  Iva Method, the girl detective
Alma Bennett ...  The Vamp
Oliver Hardy ...  Killer Kid
Fred Spencer ...  Headquarters Hank (as Fred Spence)
Frank Alexander ...  Slim Chance
Spencer Bell ...  Dock worker
William Hauber  
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Chadwick Pictures Corporation

Distribution Company: Educational Film Exchanges

Producer: Larry Semon
Stunts: William Hauber
Stunt Double: Dorothy Dwan
Presenters: E.W. Hammons &  I.E. Chadwick

Length: 2 Reels
Runtime: 20 Minutes
Released: September 28, 1924
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