~Heinie Conklin~

Born: July 16, 1886 in San Francisco, California, USA
Died: July 30, 1959 in Hollywood, California, USA
~Heinie Conklin in "Clash of the Wolves,"
released in 1925~
~Los Angeles Times, August 1, 1959~
The Show of Shows (1929) .... Ice Man in 'What Became of the Floradora Boys' Number
Beau Broadway (1928) .... Dijuha
A Trick of Hearts (1928) .... The Crook
A Horseman of the Plains (1928) .... Snowshoe
Feel My Pulse (1928) .... Her Patient
The Circus (1928) (uncredited) .... Clown
Ham and Eggs at the Front (1927) .... Eggs
The Girl in the Pullman (1927) (uncredited) .... Old Black Joe
Silk Stockings (1927) .... Watchman
Drums of the Desert (1927) .... Hi-Lo
Beware of Widows (1927) .... Captain
Cheaters (1927) .... Mose Johnston
Whispering Wires (1926) .... Jasper, the Butler
Fig Leaves (1926) .... Eddie McSwiggen
Honesty - The Best Policy (1926) .... Piano Player (added sequence)
More Pay - Less Work (1926) .... Janitor
Hard Boiled (1926) .... Bill Grimes
The Sap (1926) .... Wienie Duke
The Night Cry (1926) .... Tony
The Man Upstairs (1926) .... Mose
The Fighting Edge (1926) .... Chuck
Hogan's Alley (1925) (as Charles Conklin) .... The Stranger's Friend
Clash of the Wolves (1925) .... Alkali Bill
Seven Sinners (1925) .... Scarlet Fever Sanders
Red Hot Tires (1925) .... Coachman
Below the Line (1925) .... Deputy Sheriff
The Gold Rush (1925) (uncredited) .... Prospector
The Marriage Circus (1925)
A Fool and His Money (1925) ... Citizen
The Fire Patrol (1924) ... fireman (uncredited)
Troubles of a Bride (1924)  .... Jeff
The Cyclone Rider (1924) .... Remus
Find Your Man (1924) .... Lumberjack
George Washington, Jr. (1924) .... Eton Ham
The Day of Faith (1923)  .... Yegg Darby
Step Forward (1922)
She Sighed by the Seaside (1921)
A Small Town Idol (1921) .... Bit Role
Wet and Warmer (1920) .... Worker/Bellboy
The Kick in High Life (1920)
You Wouldn't Believe It (1920)
Married Life (1920)
By Golly! (1920)

The Speakeasy (1919) (uncredited) (unconfirmed)
Salome vs. Shenandoah (1919) (as Charles Conklin)
Uncle Tom Without a Cabin (1919) (uncredited) .... Simon Legree
... aka "Uncle Tom Without the Cabin" - USA (alternative title)
Trying to Get Along (1919)
Hearts and Flowers (1919) (as Charles Lynn)
No Mother to Guide Him (1919) (as Charles Lynn) .... An ambitious homewrecker
Love's False Faces (1919) (as Charles Lynn)
When Love Is Blind (1919) (as Charles Lynn) .... Second Pal
The Foolish Age (1919) .... Choir Member
Yankee Doodle in Berlin (1919) (uncredited) .... 2nd Guardsman
... aka "The Kaiser's Last Squeal" - USA (alternative title)
East Lynne with Variations (1919) (as Charles Lynn) .... The Villain
Cupid's Day Off (1919)
Hide and Seek, Detectives (1918) (as Charles Lynn)
Whose Little Wife Are You? (1918) (as Charles Lynn)
Sleuths (1918) (as Charles Lynn)
She Loved Him Plenty (1918) (as Charles Lynn)
Her Screen Idol (1918) (as Charles Lynn)
Who's Your Father? (1918) (uncredited) .... Comedy Bit
Two Tough Tenderfeet (1918) (as Charles Lynn) .... Second Pal
The Battle Royal (1918) (as Charles Lynn)
Saucy Madeline (1918) (as Charles Lynn) .... The Busiest Man in Town
It Pays to Exercise (1918) (as Charles Lynn) .... The Bailiff
Are Married Policemen Safe? (1918) (as Charles Conklin)
Hungry Lions in a Hospital (1918) .... A Cop
His Bomb Policy (1917) (as Charles Conklin)
An Aerial Joy Ride (1917)
Take Back Your Wife (1917) (as Charles Conklin)
The Film Spoilers (1917) (as Charles Conklin)
His Merry Mix-Up (1917) (as Charles Conklin)
Passing the Grip (1917) (as Charles Conklin)
Mines and Matrimony (1917) (as Charles Conklin)
When Damon Fell for Phyllis (1917) (as Charles Conklin)
Love in Suspense (1917) (as Charles Conklin)
Jags and Jealousy (1916) (as Charles Conklin)
Their Dark Secret (1916) (as Charles Conklin)
The Tramp Chef (1916) (as Charles Conklin)
Scrappily Married (1916) (as Charles Conklin)
A Janitor's Vendetta (1916) (as Charles Conklin)
Their First Arrest (1916) (as Charles Conklin)
In Love with a Fireman (1916) (as Charles Conklin)
A Shadowed Shadow (1916) (as Charles Conklin)
A Crooked Mix-Up (1916)
The Inspector's Double (1916) (as Charles Conklin)
Musical Madness (1916) (as Charles Conklin)
In Onion There Is Strength (1916) (as Charles Conklin)
The Deacon Stops the Show (1916) (as Charles Conklin)
The Elixir of Life (1916) (as Charles Conklin)
A Marriage for Revenge (1916) (as Charles Conklin)
Soup and Nuts (1916) (as Charles Conklin)
She Wrote a Play and Played It (1916) (as Charles Conklin)
Kate's Lover's Knots (1916) (as Charles Conklin)
... aka "Kate's Affinities" - USA (alternative title)
I've Got Yer Number (1916) (as Charles Conklin)
The Harem Scarem Deacon (1916) (as Charles Conklin) .... Ching Ling Foo
An All Around Cure (1916) (as Charles Conklin)
Bashful Charley's Proposal (1916) (as Charles Conklin)
The Fall of Deacon Stillwaters (1916) (as Charles Conklin)
Love Quarantined (1916) (as Charles Conklin)
A Dark Suspicion (1916) (as Charles Conklin) .... Policeman
A Stage Villain (1916) (as Charles Conklin)
A Raffle for a Husband (1916) (as Charles Conklin)
A Wife for a Ransom (1916) (as Charles Conklin)
Perfect Match, or: 1 Plus 1 Equals 2 (1916) (as Charles Conklin)
The Jitney Driver's Romance (1916) (as Charles Conklin)
Hubby Puts One Over (1916/I) (as Charles Conklin)
His Highness, the Janitor (1916) (as Charles Conklin)
Muchly Married (1916) (as Charles Conklin)
Love Laughs at the Law (1916) (as Charles Conklin)
Mrs. Green's Mistake (1916) (as Charles Conklin)
Dad's Awful Deed (1915) (as Charles Conklin)
... aka "Dad's Awful Crime" - USA (alternative title)
A Submarine Pirate (1915)
His Twentieth Century Susie (1915) (as Charles Conklin)
A Rascal's Wolfish Ways (1915)
... aka "A Rascal's Foolish Way" - USA (original title)
... aka "A Rascal of Wolfish Ways" - USA (alternative title)
A Lover's Lost Control (1915) .... Mr. Lewis
A Hash House Fraud (1915) (unconfirmed)
Gussle Tied to Trouble (1915)
Gussle's Backward Way (1915)
Beating Hearts and Carpets (1915)
That Springtime Feeling (1915)
Wanted -- A Piano Tuner (1915) (as Charles Conklin)
Gussle, the Golfer (1914) .... Golfer
Charles "Heinie" Conklin was a veteran comedian who had hundreds of roles, both credited and
uncredited, over a career that spanned more than four decades.

He worked as a team with Ben Turpin in early Mack Sennett comedies and later appeared with Tom
Mix and in the Rin Tin Tin series.

— Los Angeles Times Aug. 1, 1959