~Headin' Home~
~Plot Synopsis~
Babe, a consummate failure, has only one goal in life - to be a baseball player. Stymied in his
ambition by John Tobin, the owner of the local team, who refuses to allow Babe to play, he signs on
with a rival club and defeats his home team with a homer in the ninth inning. Ostracized for his act
of treachery, Babe journeys to New York, joins the Yankees and returns a hero. Babe enhances his
standing even more when he prevents the team's pitcher, Knight, from embezzling bank funds and
wins the banker's daughter Mildred.  

Plot Synopsis from afi.com
Directed by: Lawrence C. Windom

Written by:
Arthur 'Bugs' Baer - titles
Earle Browne - story

Babe Ruth ...  Babe (as George Herman 'Babe' Ruth)
Ruth Taylor ...  Mildred Tobin
William Sheer ...  Harry Knight
Margaret Seddon ...  Babe's Mother
Frances Victory ...  Pigtails
James A. Marcus ...  Simon Tobin
Ralf Harolde ...  John Tobin (as Ralph Harolds)
Charles Byer ...  David Talmadge (as Charles Burt)
George Halpin ...  Doc Hedges / The Constable / Dog Catcher
William J. Gross ...  Eliar Lott
Walter Lawrence ...  Tony Marino
Ann Brody ...  Mrs. Tony Marino (as Anne Brodie)
Ricca Allen ...  Almira Worters
Sammy Blum ...  Jimbo Jones (as Sam Blum)
Ethel Kerwin ...  Kitty Wilson
Tom Cameron ...  Deacon Flack (as Thomas Cameron)
Charles J. Hunt ...  Reverend David Talmadge
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: Kessell & Baumann

Released by: Yankee Photo Corporation

Producers: William Shea & Herbert H. Yudkin
Supervisor: Raoul Walsh

Length: 6 Reels
Runtime: 56 minutes
Released: September 19, 1920