~Gustav von Seyffertitz~

Born: August 4, 1863 in Haimhausen, Bavaria, Germany
Died: December 25, 1943 in Woodland Hills, California, USA
Satanic-featured Austrian actor/director Gustav von Seyffertitz not only looked like a villain, but with
that three-barrelled name he sounded like one -- even in silent pictures. After a lengthy stage career
in both Germany and New York, Seyffertitz began appearing in World War One films as the very
embodiment of the "Hideous Hun" -- America's notion of the merciless, atrocity-happy German
military officer. Allegedly to avoid persecution from the anti-German organizations of the era,
Seyffertitz changed his professional name to G. Butler Cloneblough -- a monicker so satiric in its
timbre that one can't help that the "rechristening" was the concoction of a clever press agent.
Returning to his own name after the war, Seyffertitz remained busy as a "villain of all nations:" He was
British criminal mastermind Moriarty in John Barrymore's Sherlock Holmes (1922), a torturer for the
Borgias in Barrymore's Don Juan (1926), and the evil American backwoods farmer Grimes in Mary
Pickford's Sparrows (1926). Nearly always a supporting actor, Seyffertitz was given his full head with a
mad-scientist leading role in the 1927 horror flick The Wizard. Offscreen, Seyffertitz was a kindly,
temperate man, patient enough to direct Vitagraph star Alice Calhoun in three back-to-back vehicles
in 1921: Princess Jones, Closed Doors and Peggy Puts It Over. In talking pictures, Seyffertitz' deep,
warm voice somewhat mitigated his horrific demeanor. Though few of his talkie roles were billed,
Gustav von Seyffertitz made the most of such parts as the High Priest in the 1935 version of She and
the pontificating court psychiatrist in Capra's Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1936).

Biography by Hal Erickson, AllMovie.com

Peggy Puts It Over (1921) (as G.v. Seyffertitz)
Closed Doors (1921) (as G. v. Seyffertitz)
Princess Jones (1921) (as G.V. Seyffertitz)
The Secret Garden (1919) (as G. Butler Clonebaugh)


Come Across (1929) .... Pop Hanson
The Case of Lena Smith (1929) .... Herr Hofrat
Me, Gangster (1928) .... Factory owner
The Woman Disputed (1928) .... Otto Krueger
The Docks of New York (1928) .... Hymn Book Harry
The Red Mark (1928) .... De Nou
The Mysterious Lady (1928) .... Gen. Boris Alexandroff ... Movie Still Code: 374-X
Yellow Lily (1928) .... Kinkelin
Vamping Venus (1928) .... Jupiter
The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come (1928) .... Nathan Cherry
The Wizard (1927) .... Prof. Paul Coriolos
The Gaucho (1927) .... Ruiz, The Usurper
... aka "Douglas Fairbanks as The Gaucho" - USA (copyright title)
Rose of the Golden West (1927) .... Gómez
The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg (1927) .... King Karl VII
The Magic Flame (1927) .... The Chancellor
Barbed Wire (1927) .... Pierre Corlet
Birds of Prey (1927) .... Foxy
The Price of Honor (1927) .... Peter Fielding
Anything Once! (1927) .... Chancellor Gherkin
Going Crooked (1926) .... Mordaunt
Private Izzy Murphy (1926) .... Cohannigan
My Official Wife (1926) .... Grand Duke
Diplomacy (1926) .... Baron Ballin
Unknown Treasures (1926) .... Simmons
The Lone Wolf Returns (1926) .... Morphew
Don Juan (1926) (uncredited) .... Neri - the Alchemist
The Bells (1926) .... Jerome Frantz
The Dice Woman (1926) .... Datto of Mandat
Sparrows (1926) .... Mr. Grimes
Red Dice (1926) .... Andrew North
The Danger Girl (1926) .... James (the butler)
The Eagle (1925) (uncredited) .... Court Servant at Dinner
Flower of Night (1925) .... Vigilante Leader
A Regular Fellow (1925) .... Prime Minister ... Movie Still Code: 815-X
The Goose Woman (1925) .... Mr. Vogel
Grounds for Divorce (1925) .... Labell
The Bandolero (1924) .... Marques de Bazan
The Lone Wolf (1924) .... Wetheimer
Yolanda (1924) .... Oliver de Daim
Under the Red Robe (1923) .... Clom
Unseeing Eyes (1923) .... Father Paquette
Mark of the Beast (1923) .... John Hunter
The Inner Man (1922) .... Jud Benson
The Face in the Fog (1922) .... Michael
When Knighthood Was in Flower (1922) .... Grammont
Sherlock Holmes (1922) .... Professor Moriarty
Dead Men Tell No Tales (1920) (as George von Seyffertitz) .... Señor Joaquin
Madonnas and Men (1920) .... Grimaldo/John Grimm
The Sporting Duchess (1920) .... Major Roland Mostyn
Slaves of Pride (1920) .... John Reynolds
Even as Eve (1920) .... Amasu Munn
The Vengeance of Durand (1919) .... Henri Durand
... aka "The Two Portraits" - USA (alternative title)

The Dark Star (1919) (as G. Butler Clonbough) .... German Spy
The Roaring Road (1919) (uncredited) (unconfirmed) .... Undetermined Role
Sic 'Em, Sam (1918) (as G. Butler Clonebaugh)
The Source (1918) (as G. Butler Clonblough) .... Ekstrom
Till I Come Back to You (1918) (as G. Butler Clonbough) .... Karl Von Drutz
Less Than Kin (1918) .... Endicott Lee
To Hell with the Kaiser! (1918)
Old Wives for New (1918) .... Melville Bladen
His Majesty, Bunker Bean (1918) .... Professor Balthasar
The Whispering Chorus (1918) .... Mocking Face
Amarilly of Clothes-Line Alley (1918) (uncredited) .... Surgeon
The Hidden Pearls (1918) .... Senator Joseph Benton
The Widow's Might (1918) .... Horace Hammer
Rimrock Jones (1918) .... Stoddard
Stella Maris (1918) (uncredited) .... The Surgeon
Swat the Kaiser (1918) .... The Kaiser
Mr. Fix It (1918) ... Doctor
The Devil-Stone (1917) .... Stephen Densmore
The Little Princess (1917) .... Mr. Carrisford
The Countess Charming (1917) .... Jacob Vandergraft
Down to Earth (1917) .... Dr. Jollyem
... aka "The Optimist" - USA (alternative title)