~Gregory Ratoff~

Born: April 20, 1897 in St. Petersburg, Russia
Died: December 14, 1960 in Solothurn, Switzerland
~Los Angeles Times~
December 14, 1960
Gregory Ratoff was an actor, director and writer during his years in Hollywood. Off screen he was
considered a chief jester to movie moguls and the stars.

The Russian-born comedian studied at the St. Petersburg Dramatic School before spending 18 months
on the German-Russian front during World War I. He came to the United States after producer Lee
Shubert spotted him performing in Paris.

Ratoff was credited with giving many top-name stars their start, including Ann Sothern, Ingrid
Bergman, Linda Darnell and Susan Hayward.

— UPI in the Los Angeles Times Dec. 14, 1960
~Silent Filmography~
Dubrowsky, der Räuber Ataman (1921)
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