~Plot Synopsis~
McTeague, a San Francisco dentist, marries Trina, a thrifty woman who has won $5,000 in a lottery.
She banks this money and, by scrimping and saving, hoards most of the money her husband makes.
Marcus Schouler, Trina's frustrated former suitor, discovers that McTeague does not have a license
to practice dentistry and causes him to lose his business. McTeague can make only a poor living as a
laborer, and he and Trina eventually drift to squalid quarters. Trina hoards money compulsively, and
McTeague, crazed with the knowledge of the money, kills her and escapes with the gold, fleeing into
Death Valley. Marcus goes after him, and the men fight. McTeague kills Marcus but finds himself
handcuffed to the dead man. Unable to find the key to free himself, McTeague dies of thirst.  

Plot Synopsis from afi.com
Directed by: Erich von Stroheim

Written by:
Joseph Farnham - titles (uncredited)
June Mathis - screen adaptation and dialogue
Erich von Stroheim - screen adaptation and dialogue

Based on the novel  McTeague  by Frank Norris (New York, 1899).

Zasu Pitts ...  Trina
Gibson Gowland ...  McTeague
Jean Hersholt ...  Marcus
Dale Fuller ...  Maria
Tempe Pigott ...  Mother McTeague
Sylvia Ashton ...  'Mommer' Sieppe
Chester Conklin ...  'Popper' Sieppe
Joan Standing ...  Selina
William Barlow ...  The Minister (uncredited)
Lita Chevrier ...  Extra (uncredited)
Jack Curtis ...  McTeague Sr. (uncredited)
James F. Fulton ...  Cribbens (a prospector) (uncredited)
Edward Gaffney ...  Extra (uncredited)
Florence Gibson ...  Hag (uncredited)
James Gibson ...  Deputy (uncredited)
Oscar Gottell ...  A Sieppe twin (uncredited)
Otto Gottell ...  A Sieppe twin (uncredited)
Cesare Gravina ...  Zwerkow (a junkman) (uncredited)
Bee Ho Gray ...  (uncredited)
Frank Hayes ...  Charles W. Grannis (proprietor, The Modern Dog Hospital)
Harold Henderson ...  Extra (uncredited)
Austen Jewell ...  August Sieppe (uncredited)
Tiny Jones ...  Mrs. Heise (uncredited)
J. Aldrich Libbey ...  Mr. Ryer (uncredited)
Hughie Mack ...  Mr. Heise (harness maker) (uncredited)
Hugh J. McCauley ...  The photographer (uncredited)
Jack McDonald ...  Placer County Sheriff (uncredited)
Fanny Midgley ...  Miss Anastasia Baker (uncredited)
William Mollenhauer ...  Palmist (uncredited)
Lon Poff ...  Man from the lottery company (uncredited)
Reta Revela ...  Mrs. Ryer (uncredited)
S.S. Simon ...  Joe Frenna (uncredited)
Max Tyron ...  Uncle Rudolph Oelbermann (uncredited)
Erich von Ritzau ...  Dr. Painless Potter (uncredited)
Erich von Stroheim ...  Balloon vendor (uncredited)
James Wang ...  Chinese cook (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Metro-Goldwyn Pictures Corporation

Executive Producer: Louis B. Mayer
Producer: Irving Thalberg
Cinematography by:
William H. Daniels &
Ben F. Reynolds - photographed by
Film Editing by:
Joseph Farnham
Glenn Morgan  - reconstruction  
Frank E. Hull  - uncredited
Rex Ingram  - 18-reel version (uncredited)  
June Mathis  - 42-reel version (uncredited)  
Erich von Stroheim  - 42-reel version (uncredited)  
Grant Whytock  - 18-reel version (uncredited)  
Production Design by:
Erich von Stroheim
Art Direction by:
Cedric Gibbons, Richard Day &
Erich von Stroheim
Set Decoration by: Cedric Gibbons
Production Management by:  
J.J. Cohn ....  production manager
Harry Rapf ....  production supervisor  
Assistant Directors: Louis Germonprez & Edward Sowders
Props by: Charles Rogers & Frank Ybarra  
Assistant Camera by: Walter Bader
Camera Operators: Paul Ivano & Ernest B. Schoedsack
Still Photographer: Warren Lynch
Assistant Camera: H.C. Van Dyke  
Assistant Editor: Marguerite Faust
Presenter: Louis B. Mayer
Script Supervisor: Eve Bessette
Location Scout: Harold Henderson
Dailies Projectionist & Laboratory Technician: James V. King

Length: 10 Reels
Runtime: 140 Minutes
Released: January 26, 1925