~Greater Than Love~
~Plot Synopsis~
Louise Glaum is a chastened and regenerate woman at the end of "Greater Than Love," which is
screened at the Ohio this week. But long before the introduction of the light of a mother's love,
Miss Glaum sways through those scenes of luxury and midnight revelry that have come to form
the proper setting for her style of impersonation Cabaret scenes, sumptuous interiors, a general
air of the gay white way motion picture for the most part.
With five friends, Grace Merrill, the role assumed by the star, lives in an apartment in idleness and
without visible means of support. It is the sort of life Miss Glaum has lived before in the pictures
and she appears perfectly at home in it. Then in the midst of all the careless gaiety comes the
suicide of one of the girls because her lover has left her. When the dead girl's mother comes to the
city she takes all the others to her motherly heart, in ignorance of their true character. It is the
gentle innocence and belief in their goodness that she moves the girls to make a fresh start in life.
They all take up honorable but apparently quite lucrative professions and "turn to the right."
Grace's renunciation is greater than that of the rest, for she is called upon to give up the man she
loves. She tells him the truth about herself and that his wife really loves him, and in the final
fadeout she is seen back in the cottage of the "mother," gathered into the kind old lady's arms. The
picture is most expensively mounted and there are numerous expensive costumes for the star
Miss Glaum makes here usual ten-strike in this role.

~The Indianapolis Star, Monday, September 19, 1921
Directed by: Fred Niblo

Written by: C. Gardner Sullivan

Louise Glaum ...  Grace Merrill
Patricia Palmer ...  Elsie Brown
Rose Cade ...  Maizie
Eve Southern ...  Clairice
Willie Mae Carson ...  Pinkie
Betty Francisco ...  Helen Wellington
Mahlon Hamilton ...  Bruce Wellington
Donald MacDonald ...  Elliott
Edward Martindel ...  Frank Norwood
Gertrude Claire ...  'Mother' Brown
Stanhope Wheatcroft ...  The Youth
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: J. Parker Read Jr. Productions

Released by: Associated Producers Inc.

Cinematography by: Charles J. Stumar
Presenter: J. Parker Read Jr.

Length: 6 to 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Released: July 17, 1921
~Louise Glaum, Donald MacDonald & Mahlon Hamilton~
~Louise Glaum & Mahlon Hamilton~
~Louise Glaum & Mahlon Hamilton~
~Louise Glaum & Patricia Palmer~
~Patricia Palmer & Louise Glaum~
~Patricia Palmer & Louise Glaum~
~Louise Glaum & Patricia Palmer~
~Louise Glaum~
~Louise Glaum & Patricia Palmer~
~Louise Glaum & Patricia Palmer~
~Gertrude Claire & Louise Glaum~
~Gertrude Claire & Louise Glaum~
~Louise Glaum~