~Grand Larceny~
~Claire Windsor & Elliott Dexter~

Claire Windsor ...  Kathleen Vaughn
Elliott Dexter ...  John Annixter
Richard Tucker ...  Franklin
Tom Gallery ...  Thad
Roy Atwell ...  Harkness Boyd
John Cossar ...  Emerson
Lowell Sherman ...  Barry Clive
Michael Dark ... uncredited role
Directed by: Wallace Worsley

Written by:
Charles Kenyon - writer
Bess Meredyth  - writer

Based on the short story "Grand Larceny" by Albert Payson Terhune in
Cosmopolitan (Dec 1920).
John Annixter (Elliott Dexter), a northern corporation lawyer with a stern sense of justice, marries
Kathleen (Claire Windsor), a southern belle and a habitual coquette. Immersed in his work, Annixter
allows his wife to pursue a social life under the escort of his friends. Barry Clive (Lowell Sherman), an
architect, becomes infatuated with her and mistakes her flirting for genuine passion; Annixter
returns home unexpectedly, witnesses Clive embracing his wife, and without hearing any explanation
obtains a divorce from Kathleen, declaring her actions to be "grand larceny." She marries Clive but is
constantly unhappy because of his jealousy. At a concert, she encounters her first husband, and
when the two men develop an argument, Kathleen declares that she will have neither of them, thus
asserting her independence.

Plot Synopsis from afi.com
~Plot Synopsis~
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Goldwyn Pictures Corporation

Cinematography by: Norbert Brodine

Length: 6 Reels
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Released: February 26, 1922
~158-5:Elliott Dexter, Roy Atwell, Claire Windsor, Michael Dark & Lowell Sherman~

Many Thanks to Richard Day Gore for the identification of Michael Dark in this still photograph.