~Plot Synopsis~
Although Larry Semon was already showing his penchant for big-budget productions, which
eventually got in the way of his comedy, for his first two-reeler under his new Vitagraph contract, he
made a simple, amusing picture that came in on time (a few days early, in fact), and on budget.
Semon is a young man who, much to the annoyance of his family, practices his golf game indoors.
When a neighbor (Oliver Hardy) comes over to eat, he winds up in the way of Larry's practice. A
suitor (Vernon Dent) arrives to woo Larry's sister (Lucille Carlisle), which does not thrill the
neighbor, who wants the girl for himself. Larry goes to the golf course, where he proceeds to annoy
the other golfers. His sister and her sweetheart plan to elope, but she is kidnapped by the neighbor.
Larry and the suitor give chase, and with the use of a train, are able to rescue the sister. Semon really
was an avid golfer. He introduced Oliver Hardy (who worked with him on many films) to the game.
Hardy, who later teamed with Stan Laurel in one of the most successful comic duos of all time,
became one of the best golfers in Hollywood.

Plot Synopsis by Janiss Garza, allmovie.com
Directed & Written by:
Tom Buckingham
Larry Semon

Larry Semon ...  The son
Lucille Carlisle ...  The daughter, the Blonde Flapper
Al Thompson ...  The father
Oliver Hardy ...  The neighbor (as Babe Hardy)
Vernon Dent ...  The suitor
William Hauber ...  Mr. Dub
Fred Lancaster ...  Golfer
Joe Rock ...  Golfer (as Joe Basil)
Pete Gordon ...  Golfer
Vincent McDermott   
Fred Gamble  (as Fred Gambold)
Eva Thatcher ...  Mrs. Dub
Harry DeRoy ...  An onlooker
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Larry Semon Productions

Released by: Vitagraph Company of America

Produced by: Larry Semon
Cinematography by: Reginald Lyons
Assistant Directors:
Vincent McDermott  
Joe Rock
Technical Director: Earl Olin
Presenter: Albert E. Smith

Released: September 3, 1922